Alone Australia: “Talk to your Wilson”

Alone participants get a crash course in using camera & sound -and a bit of storytelling skills via a Tom Hanks movie.

Alone Australia participants are given a one week bootcamp before being left to fend for themselves, which includes just three and a half days of camera training -both technical and in storytelling skills.

“This is my second series and I’m still shocked that they’re able to film an entire series of content, given how short a period of time they have learning the tech,” says producer Riima Daher.

“Some have more experience than others with tech, but for the most part, you’ve got 10 Amateurs essentially who are learning how to use a pro kit, how to function, how to troubleshoot, and then on top of that, how to do storytelling.

“So it’s a lot to take in and it’s miraculous that we get a series out of them. They’re remarkable.”

Daher likens the storytelling aspect to Tom Hanks Cast Away film, encouraging participants to talk about their actions, what they are doing,  and how they are feeling.

“The camera is your Wilson. Talk to Wilson! Wilson is constantly asking you ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What are you hoping to achieve?’ So keep talking to Wilson,” she explains.

“Most of these people are people who like their time alone because they don’t want to talk! So it’s asking them to stop doing what they want to do most, which is have the experience, to bring us in on it. But they do it.”

Alone Australia continues 7:30pm tonight on SBS.


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  1. One of the guys is really creative with his camera placement – such as putting it inside a hollowed log pointing outwards when showing us where he’ll store firewood. On some of the setups you actually forget there’s no crew with them and they’re doing it all themselves.

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