Four Corners: April 22

Reporter Mahmood Fazal travels from the streets of Melbourne to South-East Asia investigating the crystal meth pipeline.

On Monday’s Four Corners, Mahmood Fazal reports on “Meth Highway.”

Australia’s addiction to crystal meth or ‘ice’ is having devastating consequences, but beyond the street dealer, most are unaware of the drug’s murky supply chains – and the faceless figures profiting at the top.

Four Corners reporter Mahmood Fazal has spent months investigating the crystal meth pipeline, travelling from the streets of Melbourne to a major source of production in South-East Asia.

He gets rare access to those who are from this dangerous underworld – including a dealer, cook, runner and enforcer – and names for the first time a man suspected to be a key player in the Australian meth trade.

8.30pm on Monday 22 April on ABC

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