Gallery: Screen Queensland Studios open in Cairns

New studio facility in Cairns cuts the ribbon and opens for business.

Screen Queensland Studios have opened for business today in Portsmith, Cairns, as a significant milestone in Far North Queensland as a vital new hub.

In attendance were Arts Minister Leeanne Enoch and Curtis Pitt MP alongside Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney, Screen Queensland Board Member Aaron Fa’Aoso, and local Elders Professor Henrietta Marrie and Teresa Dewars.

The site comprises a 1,070 sq metre sound stage, production offices, editing suites, a sound recording studio, construction and wardrobe spaces, as well as an event space.

The Queensland Government invested $12.6 million in the fit-out of the studios.

“The potential for super-charging Far North Queensland’s reputation as an emerging screen industry powerhouse is enormous,” Leeanne Enoch said.

“Not only is the new state-of-the-art Cairns studio primed to generate new jobs and cultural tourism, it’s also an opportunity to elevate unique Far North Queensland stories whilst attracting national and international screen projects.”

Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney said, “As we inaugurate Screen Queensland Studios, Cairns, we celebrate the culmination of the Queensland Government’s investment and multi-year commitment to bolstering North Queensland’s vibrant screen industry.”

The new studios are expected to advance employment opportunities, economic growth for small businesses, cultural tourism and producing local screen stories.

Aaron Fa’Aoso, Screen Queensland Board Member and part of the Studio Implementation Committee said, “This exceptional studio marks the dawn of a new era for the Far North Queensland screen sector, a testament to the remarkable achievements that can be realised when passion and purpose align. Today, as we celebrate this significant milestone, we lay a solid foundation upon which to build a vibrant future for our industry.

“Let this be a reminder of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, and let our shared vision inspire generations to come. Together, we shall continue this incredible journey, fuelled by our unwavering dedication and the promise of a thriving future for the screen industry in Far North Queensland.”

The site hosts three local Cairns businesses First Nations production company Lone Star Productions, casting agency Platinum Talent Management and AV specialists Wallfly alongside camera and equipment providers Lemac Film & Digital, who will begin moving into the facility at Plath Close, Portsmith from May.

The first production to use the facilities will be Aussie Shore for Paramount+.

Jacqui Feeney added, “These studios aren’t just soundstages, they are incubators of creativity, empowerment, and economic growth, poised to propel Queensland’s screen sector to new heights.”

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