Miriam Margolyes Impossibly Australian: April 9

After a health scare, Miriam embarks on a journey to learn what it takes to grow and adapt to an ever changing future.

The one-and-only Miriam Margolyes is back with her new ABC series, Miriam Margolyes Impossibly Australia this week as she embarks on a personal mission, meeting communities that are facing change and who can teach her how to adapt to whatever the future holds.

Episode l – Perth
In London, after recovering from a recent heart procedure, and feeling “not quite the person I was”, Miriam decides to return to Australia to find out how people adapt to change and prepare for new futures.

Miriam begins her journey in the “Pammie Paradise” of Perth, Western Australia – a place where people come to carve out new futures. Here she meets a group of British expats at a Jaguar car club, tries out sailing with Kylie, the skipper of the Australian Blind Sailing team and speaks to Zoe, a sex worker. She also explores her Jewish roots with Rabbi Dan, who moved to Perth from the UK after a bomb was placed under his car and has an emotional meeting with Fremantle locals Tony and Jim, part of Australia’s Stolen Generation.

Tuesday 9 April at 8pm on ABC.

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