SBS on Demand: Faithless

In a new Irish black comedy, Egyptian-Irish Sam is faced with raising his three daughters after the loss of his wife.

Yesterday SBS on Demand dropped a new Irish black comedy series, Faithless.

This is a 6 part 2024 series starring Baz Ashmawy.

After Sam and Tracy attend a tense meeting at their daughter’s school, Tracy is tragically killed by an ice-cream-van.

Egyptian-Irish Sam must raise his three daughters with some support from his Egyptian father and Irish mother-in-law, and his narcissistic half-brother. The girls struggle to cope with their loss: Layla turns to Islam, Nancy finds comfort with her family, whilst Lina struggles the most. Hard for Sam to help when she can’t stand him.

Somehow, they find light in darkness and humour in these sad times and Sam discovers the strength to step up and carry on.

Now screening at SBS on Demand.


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