UK axes Alone after one season

Britain may have backed out of hit survival format due to costs.

It’s a hit in Australia for SBS but Britain’s Channel 4 has axed their local survival series Alone after just one season.

The series from The Garden (Squid Game: The Challenge) has been one of a handful under consideration for a renewal, Deadline reports.

In the UK version 11 contestants were dropped into the remote Canadian wilderness, with winner Tom Williams taking home £100,000 prize (AU$193,000) last year after battling the elements, wild animals and an extreme test of mental strength.

While the series began quietly over the summer with an audience of around 700,000 per episode, it nearly doubled when consolidated viewing was taken into account.

However Channel 4’s finances and commissioning are under the microscope. The network has struggled over the past year and is in the process of enacting 250 layoffs.

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  1. I watch all the “Alones”. The UK Alone was the worst of the bunch. The only good thing about it was that it was a short season of six episodes.

  2. I think the local versions lose something when the location is not local. The Australian version was better last year in Tasmania than this year in New Zealand. I liked hearing familiar birdcalls and seeing familiar bush. I guess the UK version couldn’t very well drop contestants into the Cotswolds though.

    1. Channel 4’s brand of TV was hit hard by competition from the internet, they really struggled during lockdowns and still haven’t recovered. They’ve also cancelled a real estate show are one season. It’s not easy being a 4th ranked network these days and 700,000 isn’t a lot out of a population of 60,000,000.

      1. Um where are you actually getting this information from? What is the the 700,000 isn’t a lot of the population of 60 million. There are Channel 4 shows that rate in the millions such as Gogglebox, The Great British Bake Off (rating6/7 millions roughly) and Hunted. And the UK population is around 66 million.

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