Vera: April 14

CI Vera Stanhope is on track to uncover the case of a body discovered at the side of an isolated railway crossing.

Episode 2 of Vera Season 13 is “Tender.”

DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) is on track to uncover an intriguing yet puzzling case when the body of a sickly young girl is discovered in a railway siding. Found in the middle of nowhere she could be anyone but the investigation soon turns up twists and turns that makes Vera question who this girl actually was.

A vulnerable young person with a serious health condition, has her weakened state allowed someone to take advantage of her? And how does the family dynamic work when she’s not truly part of the family? A tale of intrigue, betrayal and blurred lines, Vera’s investigation questions the meaning of family, care and accountability. And with eroding trust, does care come at a cost?

8:30pm Sunday on ABC.

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