What I’ve Been Watching: Davy O’Rourke

Taste of the Tropics chef Davy O’Rourke is a fan of Pati's Mexican Table and Friends.

Cairns chef Davy O’Rourke features in SBS Food series Taste of the Tropics this week.

Here’s what’s on his watch list lately…

What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
DO: I enjoy watching cooking shows and documentaries the most. Recently I settled into Pati’s Mexican Table, she is a really knowledgeable host and each of her series delves deep into a different region. She is on to her 12th series now, so you can get a great education on so many different regions and the cultural heritage that has led to the unique food in Mexico. She describes her dishes beautifully, inspiring you to try them or take inspiration from them.

Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit watching?
DO: Every now and then, I’ll binge watch a few episodes of Friends. It’s the perfect foil to pop on a lazy hungover Sunday, It’s a calming companion, each character is so well played, filled with laughs and nostalgia.

When you settle down for a night on the couch what are your ‘must-haves?’
DO: I usually watch TV when I finish work at night, so I just have a cup of Rooibos Tea, It helps me wind down and I love the naturally sweet vanilla and nutty flavour. If I’m being cheeky I’ll have some must-haves like seaweed snacks or Korean bbq flavoured pringles or a mini classic Magnum.

What show would you secretly love to appear on?
DO: I would love the challenge of Alone, on the proviso I’m left on a remote tropical island, instead of the cold Tasmanian bush. I know I could at least last a week eating fish and coconuts. It would be an amazing experience.

Tell us what we can expect to see in Taste of the Tropics: Family and Friends?
DO: The episode is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds as my family and I celebrate the arrival of two new members of the O’Rourke family by cooking a traditional Papua New Guinean Mumu. I invite my restaurant team and share some recipes from their South American heritage infused with ingredients from Far North Queensland.

Taste of the Tropics: Family and Friends screens 8pm Wednesday on SBS Food.

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