Bumped: Swift Street

New local drama is pushed back to a later timeslot by SBS.

SBS has rescheduled its planned episodes of Swift Street this week, pushing the double episodes back by an hour.

In its first week SBS drew 68,000 in National TV Audience across two episodes and in the second week just 42,000 across two episodes.

This Wednesday it will screen:

8:30pm The Titan Sub Disaster: Minute By Minute
9:25pm Swift Street

Feeling the heat and with the promise of a big payout, Elsie attempts a daring high-tech heist to steal expensive smartwatches. / Elsie and Robert’s partnership is tested as they hedge their bets on a risky car insurance fraud.

Last week Head of Scripted TV Julie Eckersley announced she was stepping back from her role ahead of her contract conclusion, after three years in the role.

“Farewell SBS. I am so proud of what my wonderful team and I have achieved over the last 3 years. We’ve created a record number of shows, elevated a record number of historically under-represented creatives, both in front of and behind the camera, continued to build on the recognition of SBS dramas on the international stage, backed new writers, new directors, new producers – all in our ongoing vision to expand the power base for creators in this country,” she said.

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  1. I’m watching “live” as it’s broadcast. It’s been a treat to see Preston and surrounds, an area I know well, in a slightly different light. It’s been an interesting watch, but evidently it hasn’t struck a chord as SBS hoped. It’s got that “made for streaming” feel, which is fine; it just feels slightly off. I’m too invested now. I’ll finish it, but it just feels a little out of place. It was always going to be a tough thing to schedule 8×30′ episodes, but I don’t think it’s developed enough to suit a 6×50′ format.

  2. Given those ratings it seems SBS had no choice. It remains disappointing that scripted Australian stories seem to do so poorly on all networks.

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