60 Minutes: June 16

Nine reports on the downfall of Sean Combs; plus infiltration of student rallies in Australia.

Sunday’s 60 Minutes reports on allegations encircling Sean Combs aka ‘Puff Daddy / P. Diddy,’ plus infiltration of student rallies in Australia.

Face the Music
He’s been known by many names over the years, from “Puff Daddy” to “P. Diddy”, even “Love”. But now hip-hop megastar Sean Combs has to face the music of being called an accused rapist and sex trafficker. Much like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire is at the centre of his very own MeToo reckoning. Alleged victims say for three decades the rapper’s out of control debauchery meant they endured terrifying abuse. As Adam Hegarty reports, with graphic video now backing up their claims, many of them hope Sean Combs will soon be trading his obscene lifestyle for a jail cell.
Reporter: Adam Hegarty
Producer: Sammi Taylor

Hidden Agenda
The deaths of innocent civilians are heartbreaking. The destruction of towns and villages is horrendous. What’s happening in Gaza, following Hamas’ murderous rampage in Israel last October, is a catastrophe that’s destabilising the whole world. In Australia, regular protests supporting both sides of the conflict have so far been mostly peaceful. But in a joint investigation with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 60 Minutes reveals disturbing evidence suggesting that could all change. One Islamist group, with extreme views, has infiltrated student rallies at universities in Australia, and as Nick McKenzie reports, it has a very sinister hidden agenda.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producer: Anne Worthington

The Goal
The goal for Australia’s favourite sporting team, the Matildas, is simple. To win a medal, and preferably a gold one, at the Paris Olympics. It’s easy to say, but difficult to achieve. However, having just returned from one of the team’s secret football training camps in Florida, Amelia Adams reports that it’s very possible. On 60 Minutes, see why the wonderful Matildas are determined to do themselves – and Australia – proud.
Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producer: Laura Sparkes

8:05pm Sunday on Nine.