Cecile Blackman entrusts Dickie Knee to Daryl Somers

At the funeral for John Blackman, there was a spontaneous moment between his wife and the Hey hey host.

Yesterday at the funeral for legendary funnyman John Blackman, his widow Cecile spontaneously gave ownership of ‘Dickie Knee’ to Daryl Somers.

Somers’ eulogy which had praised Blackman’s wit and generosity also told a story of how he came to be an unscripted, unplanned part of Hey Hey it’s Saturday. Amongst the story was Somers recalling knocking the desk and admitting, “I think I’ve got a dickie knee.”

With Blackman interjecting, the favourite character was born, later enhanced visually by props man Krystal.

At the end of his eulogy, Cecile Blackman told mourners she didn’t want ‘Dickie’ sitting in a wardrobe, and entrusted it to Somers, “For everything that you’ve done.”

With that the gathering broke out into applause.

Blackman passed away on June 4 which led to an outpouring of sentiment from the public and three billboards across Melbourne and Sydney thanking him for the laughs.

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