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  1. ‘The game they play in heaven, is now played on Nine’ – did I hear that right for an ad for the rugby for nine/stan? That has to be a joke right? If thats correct, then we can see our first casualty of marketing teams working from home and running to the computer to make something up in the two mins its due.
    Also, has anyone else noticed an edited version of the upcoming promo for Amazing Grace being played where someone is having too much fun in the mirror by themselves? It was played in a children friending slot. Great going there Nine…

  2. The Mandalorian has dropped Gina Carano Amid Incendiary Social Media Posts. “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future,” a Lucasfilm representative said in a statement. “Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

    She was actually quite good in The Mandolorian, really liked her character.

  3. I notice that 7 still don’t have a finale date for HM which is now below 500K and also TBA is listed for 22nd February no doubt that’ll be Ultimate Tag.
    On another note please David,is it possible to click to go straight to make a comment as opposed to scrolling all the way down ,I know it’s not hard to do I am just curious ,many thanks 😊.

  4. Well done to Holey Moley last night by spoiling the outcome of one of the eliminator rounds (Porta Loo run) by showing the result as a “Holey Moley Moment”, immediately prior to the segment actually being telecast on the show…

    1. So that they can broadcast two matches live (other matches are streamed live on Now). It moves from Nine to SD on Go! while the News is on so that people can watch the 6pm News, and they don’t lose viewers to Seven’s News. Seven did exactly the same thing.

      1. Sorry David, sometimes my email doesn’t accept mail from “unknown” address. It’s with Optus so sometimes it’s lags behind everything else (mostly on weekdays)

        Sorry for any inconvenience, hopefully it’s fixed now?

  5. Young Sheldon is back with unaired episodes from ep 8 season 3 that aired in the US in November 2019 and have been available on 9Now. They are double episodes from Thursday week at 7.30pm on 9Go.

    1. I have been watching the Young Sheldon’s on 9Now. I believe that 9Now need to work on their ads throughout shows. Seeing the same ad three or four times in a row every ad break isn’t fun.

      I am not complaining that I have to watch ads to get this free content but mix them up and have variety.

  6. I look forward to the weekend on ABC News…I really enjoy Miriam Corowa at the desk….a very professional young woman….
    PS…couch change noted…not a fan…but blue is my least fave colour.

      1. I also nearly fell over, and then cheered. Finally, they can look comfortable and professional. I had noticed that Johanna was sitting with Fauzhia standing for a while and I was wondering if there was a medical reason. Thankfully they now let them both sit.

  7. Switched on TV 2pm Friday. Was on ABC20. Scott Morrison was talking about something. A pop-up window in top left corner (as my TV displays program title etc. for a few secs. when TV first switched on and channels changed) displayed ‘The Ex-Prime Minister’. It did take more than a few seconds for a 76-years-old brain to compute.

    1. He didn’t like the film much, considered it somewhat mawkish and was displeased his songs were dubbed in by someone else. A truly great star of stage, screen and TV over many decades.. RIP Sir.

  8. For those interested Rage is starting their Retro Month tomorrow night ,kicks off Saturday with the usual 10AM start AEDT ,looks to be some great songs ,im still stuck in the 70s and 80s anyway.

      1. Only real benefit of Covid 19-personaly find it a waste of screen time-it was pretty naff and twee then, let alone now-the New Romantics special a few weeks back with much stuff I hadn’t seen since the 80s, now that was ‘awesome!’.

  9. Any guesses who will be the new host of The Chase? Simon Reeve would’ve been a front runner before his whole contract mess. I had thought about Seven poaching Grant Denyer but then he’d probably have to take gardening leave so that likely wouldn’t work.

    James Tobin maybe?
    Sonia Kruger? lol

        1. Since Lazza joined Seven in 2006, he hosted WOF (which was cancelled during mid-2006.). In 2012, He hosted the revived TPIR (with the Big W) but was cancelled due to low ratings.

    1. It will probably be Shirvo. It’s not like he has enough to do with: Holey Moley, Ultimate Tag, The News and Sunrise spots. I understand utilising the talent you have and getting bang for your buck, but he is fast becoming as over exposed as Sonia. I would love to see Matt the Chaser step into the role – he did a great job hosting Aussie Inventions and has also done many other comedy spots on TV.

    2. The ability to ask questions that fast and accurately is a huge skill. I’d like to see a trained, talented new face in the role. But I doubt the show will thrive without Andrew, very silly move to lose him.

  10. Is anyone else having trouble with the new ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus name? I find it so cumbersome.

    I know we laugh at 10’s silly names, but maybe there is a case for a single word name for this channel. Any ideas?

    ABC Split?
    ABC Two-tone?

  11. Does anyone know what happened to Seal Team, we went straight back into season 4 & I know it was taken off because of the US break- but it’s been back on air in the US for 2 weeks.

    1. There was a production break for month in the US. After it Ten listed #4.5 “The Carrot Or The Stick” twice, but removed it from the EPG on the scheduled day of broadcast. There’s beem another production break in the US, with #5.7 schedule there for the 17th Feb.

  12. Tried yet again to access SBS On Demand, only to have the Foxtel box spit the dummy and totally freeze up.
    Had to turn it off and reboot.
    Why is SBS On Demand so dreadful?
    Others say the same – screen freezes or goes black – can usually only watch until the first ad break and then nothing……

    1. I had that problem on my computer with the old On Demand for about a week, but then it was fixed and works perfectly at any time since. What Foxtel box and does it have the lastest app?

      1. An IQ3, and up to date.
        Foxtel streaming, ABC’s iview are easy to use and give perfect results.
        Tried SBS On Demand through the smart TV and got better results – but ploughing through the menus to find the program you want – ugh. Then the ads you can’t FF through.
        The annoying thing is that SBS have so many terrific programs, many of which are only available on their crummy On Demand.
        (e.g. Gave up in frustration trying to watch Das Boot S2 after just 4 episodes.)

        1. SBS is free BVOD service funded by advertisting, the ad breaks are only 2m long and it has the least advertising of the commerical streaming sites. Nine for example increased their revenue by doubling the number of ads last year.

        1. Maev, I have Fetch with Optus and it’s brilliant. I record all my shows on FTA and have a handful of Foxtel channels, it’s great for streaming too. I don’t even use my smart TV, just the Fetch.
          The Fetch Mighty records, the Fetch Mini doesn’t… be sure to know the difference when choosing a plan/bundle.

        2. Hi Maev.
          I also had Fetch with Optus for a number of years and recently changed to iiNet and purchased a Fetch Mighty.
          Suggest doing some maths to see if going through Optus and basically renting the Fetch unit) is better for you than outright purchase.

    2. I suspect the issue is caused by the algorithm for inserting advertising, it works the same as on YouTube, both sometimes cause buffering and reload issues, especially with low quality compressed content, fluctuating internet speeds from router or if you try to fast forward, neither YouTube or the SBS like that.
      The SBS can reduce these advertising imposts but seem to be increasing them instead.

  13. Just watched ‘Wild Bill’ ..7play….I actually liked it…opening graphics a bit pathetic…editing, sloppy….but I enjoyed it….
    You can see it’s popularity…add breaks…no adds…says it all 😞

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