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  1. Foxtel website notes its 2 Chinese news channels are changing names from CCTV News to CGTN and CCTV-9 to CGTN-Documentary in line with a global rebranding.

  2. I was under the impression that new episodes of shows on Netflix were available after 5pm Melbourne time. Is this correct? I haven’t as yet found a show appear at 5pm, I guess it takes time to load but usually by 7pm the show is available. Last night’s new episode of shooter didn’t appear until 8.30pm. So was this just an anomaly or is shooter available at a later start time? (First time watching a new episode of shooter as soon as available so haven’t got past episodes to go by.)

    • I’ve found it’s as late as 10 or 11pm sometimes. The latest season of House of Cards came out around that time (I was waiting for it all day and kept checking). Last nights episode of Frequency was there at 10pm. Not sure if there’s a regular time they post shows

      • How are you finding frequency? I’m on the fourth episode. Whilst it has some good elements it just doesn’t keep my attention. I think its because I don’t warm to the lead characters. I don’t have that issue with shooter or designated survivor when it was airing.

        • I’m enjoying Frequency but I like most shows that the CW airs (Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, izombie, the 100). Designated Survivor and Shooter are both ace. I’d say if you haven’t gotten gripped by frequency yet it may not be worth it to continue watching. Check out Travellers, that’s an awesome Netflix show

          • I think I’m giving frequency more of a go than I should because its on Netflix and Netflix is so damn convenient. If frequency was on free to air I would’ve already ditched it despite its good elements because some good elements simply isn’t enough to chase a show around the schedule. I’ve watched the first episode of travellers and thought it was ok. Haven’t been drawn to watch a second despite hearing good things about it. I like arrow and flash too but I find them more superhero than sci fi / supernatural.

    • Have checked on this. It depends if it is a Netflix original or not.

      Netflix Original shows always go live globally at 12.01am PT (LA time), which usually translates between 5pm – 7pm AEST depending on daylight savings. So A Series of Unfortunate Events will go live tonight at 7.01pm AEST. Some licensed programs that drop episodes weekly and have a first run in Australia, such as Designated Survivor or Shooter, fluctuates depending on when the US broadcaster airs it.

  3. I see SBS Viceland will be screening Atlanta- The show that just picked up best Comedy at the Globes. It says Coming Soon and has also been advertised on the SBS facebook page. I am a bit curious why Vikings isn’t been fast tracked as usual. I would have thought this would not be the best idea as it may encourage people to dload it. I thought it was one of SBS’S best rating shows, ah well least SBS show it uncut.

  4. According to the dark horizons website this morning, Twin Peaks – 3rd season, will premier on May 21 in the US, which means we will see it here around that time on Stan also. From same article, it will be 1 episode a week for 18 weeks(18 episodes all up for the 3rd season), and there is no plans of for a 4th season- and it is only a “limited run” series.

  5. never thought I’d see the Scream movies being played on Ten/Eleven. always been Channel 9 movies, then SBS. funny how back in the day channels owned certain companies and now movies are played on pretty much all channels. hell, WB ones are even on One with Under Siege next week.

  6. Foxtel’s website has announced (yet another) closing date for the Sky News Election Channel – 23 Feb. A-PAC finally returns to a linear channel 24 Feb. Seems they were waiting for Trump’s inauguration to finally close it perhaps?

  7. One of my customers, knowing how much I’m into TV as we often talk about it, asked me “what time is MKR on tonight ‘after the tennis’? – as Seven have been advertising MKR Monday after the tennis.

    Had to remind them what Seven really means by “after the tennis”!

  8. Just finished HBO’s The Night of (It was awesome) any word if there is going to be a second season. and what about True Detective will their be a season 3?

  9. I’m A Celebrity has an airdate – Sunday January 29. Maybe TEN have realised they have to match 7 and 9 with their reality shows as its in a 7pm timeslot.

  10. Last night’s films-9 seems to be under the impression that the 2001 film ‘Life As A House’ is called Life Is A House-2nd time in a year or so they’ve listed it as that-also on 1/12 an Australian film made in 2014 called ‘Dawn’ that’s also titled as ‘Touch’-both names have been used for other recent productions so it’s confusing either way.

  11. Not Suprisingly, a great big Foxtel watermark on bottom right hand corner of screen during the midday screening of the Bright Lights HBO doco on Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds. They, Foxtel must of paid big $$$’s for the aus screening rights, at least it is commercial free. Pretty good doco – didn’t know carrie had a coca cola addiction, alot of the consumption of it during the show.

  12. ABC is airing ‘Two On The Great Divide’ again, any chance they will air the other series ‘Two Men In China’, Two Men in a Tinnie’ and ‘Two Men in the Top End’ any time soon or did I miss them again?

  13. With Presto closing at end of January, is there any word on who has the first run rights for the new season of Scandal? The new season begins in the US on 19 January.

  14. Hi David!
    I’d just like to correct you on the info for Gotham on pick of the day. The second season (and third) does not move to a new bad guy per episode. They stick with the deep story arc per season. Although with the first half of the season they have 2 stories but in the second half they stick with 1.

  15. It’s the time of year where ABC’s rage digs out the great stuff from the archives by playing episodes of Countdown, Rock Arena, GTK and others.

    • Mostly dull, poor video quality stuff that’s been seen many times before, and anyone new who hasn’t seen it is very unlikely to be interested in it-the guest presenters usually pick out the more interesting old stuff and showing old eps of Countdown just re-enforces how much of pop music is rubbish at any given time.

    • Look forward to it every year – have VHS tapes of Countdown episodes from Rage goes retro in 1999 – the first year I discovered it – been recording and keeping certain episodes ever since (these days they are all files on a hard disk – no more tapes or even DVDs in between). Didn’t have a VCR until 1988 so was never able to record Countdown when it first aired!

      Can’t see what’s on tonight though – seems the Rage Playlists don’t work for any year after 2015. Guess the surprise will be better when I play it back tomorrow…!

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