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  1. Just finished watching ” When we rise” on SBS , very well done and researched ,and the actors were great , I remember what the climate was like in Sydney , and Oxford Street in the 70’s

  2. Hi David any news from Nine on an airdate for Chicago Justice? Maybe in Chicago Med’s slot in 4 weeks? Annoying having to chase up the Chicago crossover eps.

  3. I’m so excited that Wentworth begins in a couple of weeks.
    I think this will be the best season yet, I need my ‘Freak’ Fix
    Pamela Rabe deserves a Gold logie

    • Practically had to be since we’ve basically caught up with the U.S (6 days behind).

      Just 3 episodes left and then no more Bones… Forever!

  4. Sky News seems to have dropped its bigger names from weekend breakfast gigs just months in, with weather presenter Jaynie Seal and sports guy Greg Thompson replacing Paul Murray, Kristina Keneally & Peter van Onselen as anchors on both Saturday and Sunday Edition.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Family Feud roadblock is gone but Nine have the movie Labor Day on both 9 and Gem in Perth.

    I’m sure it’s nothing to do with Labor’s landslide victory in the WA election last weekend.

    • Look at the post you are interested in (or TV Lounge) and click on Older Comments at the bottom. You can subscribe for comment replies to your email. If that isn’t working for you, reach out to me via Contact page and I’ll need some details from you to try to ascertain any issues, thx.

  6. does anyone know when Prison Break will be airing in Australia.. starts in the US in 3 weeks, and I am hoping to see it within 7 days of airing in the US (wishful thinking I know)

  7. jezza the first original one

    This is a rant..against tenplay. I watch some catch up/netflix/stan on my laptop at work. Stan/Netflix no problem. Trying to watch 24legacy from tenplay on a modern laptop. It has dropped out or hung or just been abysmal quality that it took about 60 minutes to watch 20 and I have given up. The adverts hang, there is a stupid small box that tries to run continuous ads…durrh why? cos I go to full screen and it disappears. There is just so much that is so useless when compared to Netflix. Ch7&9 can be useless as well but this is by far the worst experience that I have had trying to watch a regular show on catch up. Utter Garbage tenplay

    • jezza the first original one

      David, you know when you next revamp your site is it possible to expand the streaming section with a chat area where we can all discuss shows we have watched, and technical difficulties with any of the streaming services (ie all the fta chs versions plus the paid services). Maybe even do reviews of a service from a consumers/viewers pov as it is a growing area of viewing habits….just an idea…..probably cos I think tenplay deserves a spray

  8. I would like to know why neither stan or netflix(aus) have the classic doctor who(i.e william hartnell right up to sylvester mccoy years). They only seem to have the rights for the paul mcgann film, and onwards to current day who with matt smith etc. Is it the BBC and being worried about the dvd sales being hurt if streaming services start airing the older who? How is it then that they allow the Eccleston onwards who to be airing on stan and netflix but not the classic stuff?

      • Thanks, just a general question, I am a bit surprised that the older who era is not on netflix or stan in aus, I think syfy on foxtel has aired some Peter Davidson and Tom Baker era Who at various stages, but not at the present. I guess the BBC are a bit more protective of the older era who than the current stuff?

        • Many of the very early eps were recorded over by the BBC-the video tape was more important than the show at the time! Early stuff was very poor quality vision and the ‘special effects’ weren’t very special-would look very iffy on a modern large screen TV…

  9. I swear The Nanny must be on its 4the cycle on 7Flix.

    I’m also living in hope that we’ll get new FTA episodes of Bargain Hunt on 7two. Repeat after repeat is getting boring.

    • Don’t know why you’d be singling out ‘The Nanny’-plenty of series being shown again and again during the day or late night as filler-personally can’t stand ‘Sex And The City’ still being on in prime time for the 100th time!

  10. Teen Wolf has been moved to 10:30pm (FOX8) as of this Saturday. Very usual as it only has two episodes left and FOX8 don’t usually change time slots once a season begins.

  11. Finally!! 7 in Tasmania, (or Southern Cross TV as we know it) are going to broadcast in High Definition as from the 23rd of this month. We’ll get to see the footy in High Def! Yay! Will be on channel 60 which currently broadcast 7Mate.

  12. I watched “Surfing the Menu Next Gen” with hosts Dan Churchill and Hayden Quinn and found myself wondering if they were big fans of the Finding Nemo seagulls:
    And so on…

  13. Hey David, have 7 anounched what they are going to do with The Amazing Race US? The US premiere has been bumped forward (following Training Day failing in the raitings) and TAR is now aring at the end of the month.

  14. Just wondering what dramas viewers are watching on free to air at the moment. Here’s my list in no particular order:

    This is Us, Madam Secretary, Broadchurch, Newton’s Law, Bull, 24 Legacy, NCIS, Bones.

    • We aren’t watching Broadchurch but all the others you mentioned. Add NCIS LA and NO, Blacklist, Blindspot, L&O SVU, Lethal Weapon, and still chasing the former Sat night line up of Ten too. I’d say The Blacklist is probably my favourite.
      My DVR gets a really good workout!

    • Just 800 Words and House Husbands so far this year. Been busy with other stuff.

      Tried This is Us but found it was too intense compared with Aussie dramas.

    • Most of the shows I watch have already been mentioned:
      Bull, This Is Us, Blindspot, Blacklist, Homeland, 24, L&O SVU, Lethal Weapon. I will add Scandal, Chicago Fire/Med, Rizzoli and Isles and Murder In The First.

    • harrypotter1994

      House Husbands, 800 Words, This is Us, Madam Secretary and Newton’s Law. Haven’t seen any of the current Blacklist season but its on the list to catch up on.

    • Death In Paradise…..Midsomer Murders…Vera….all on Iview…in my own time..
      Lost interest in Madam Secretary, Broadchurch, Newton’s Law,(quickly), 800 Words…
      Tried This is Us….it did not grab me…

    • As you are still requesting responses I will add:

      My husband and I: 800 Words
      Me: This Is Us, Newton’s Law
      Husband: Vikings, Deutschland 83

      Not much unfortunately. Other shows I would like to watch have not returned (Grey’s Anatomy and HTGAWM).

      Also watching dramas on Netflix to fill the void or other genres on Free to Air (but not reality!)

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