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  1. Life in Pieces is back where it left off with season 2 Monday at 9.45pm on Ten. These eps screened in US in February. This pushes the lowly rated Prison Break back half hour.

  2. I’m surprised that out of everyone that didn’t back TEN with their financial situation it was Bruce Gordan. Obviously, he didn’t see that a possible death of TEN would mean WIN has nothing to broadcast. Or will they just broadcast pictures like they did when the affiliate switch left Nine without an affiliate for a few days?

    • Oh dear. You wouldn’t want to play Bruce Gordon at Poker or Chess. Why would he back the old structure? He’ll be the new owner under a new structure next week. And who won in the Nine standoff? Wasn’t it Nine without an affiliate, not WIN?

      • It sort of went both ways I guess. Nine was without an affiliate in one market not covered by SCA and WIN was stubborn so they had nothing to broadcast. I’m not really sure who won there but I’d assume Nine got desperate.

      • Yes I read they haven’t got plans for NCIS yet, but why have they taken it off with only 5 episodes left, do you know? I know Channel 10 is under financial problems right now, maybe that has something to do with it? I do hope they don’t cancel it as it ratings are better than LA and NOLA, it they want to canel any it should be those two.

        • I tried to send them an email from their channel 10 facebook pages at their ‘ther issue’ link but it just keeps taking me to GMail…Google. Link is broken perhaps?

        • Considering NCIS is TEN’s top U.S show they won’t cancel it from their schedule. I think it’s the only U.S show their purchasing from CBS under their new contract.

  3. People have been complaining after last night’s episode of True Story with Hamish and Andy about the story not being “family friendly”. I’d agree with the end not being family friendly but everything else is fine. At least it was censored (even though it wasn’t that bad).

    • Then people are complaining under a misconception. The show was rated PG and fit fine under that classification, including with sexual references and adult themes. Viewers either need to take control of their choices according to the classification info or get up to speed that M rated content can now legally air at 7:30pm. This is not a Nine issue, it is an ACMA one.

  4. Maev....Sydney

    Accidentally watching….Inside The Mind Of Leonardo…..
    ‘Premiere….The inspiring world of Leonardo da Vinci is brought to life by acclaimed BAFTA award-winning actor Peter Capaldi in a unique dramatised documentary.’….Really worthwhile viewing…

  5. Weird thing with the fetch box today. Have a team tag set for Socceroos matches and it didn’t activate today for tonight’s friendly. The way I understand team tags the fetch box should record any match involving the Socceroos on any channel but for some reason it didn’t apply to this match. It wasn’t a clash issue or anything and when you go onto the epg and set it manually it doesn’t even give you the option to create a team tag which it surely should. I’m relying on that team tag for future Socceroos matches so I’m hoping fetch fixes it quickly.

  6. Congratulations to Sarah Harris from Studio 10 on her big annoucement.
    Disappointed with the distasteful and cringeworthy comment made by Jono Coleman though.

  7. Why didn’t ch9 air the season final of Ellen, the last show before the US summer break was last Friday in the US, should have aired Monday but wasn’t on, watching GEM now where it usually is aired the following day as a rerun but its a much older show from earlier in the season. I was looking forward to the Liev Schreiber interview.

  8. David do you know how Denise Drysdale is? On Studio 10 they have said she’s unwell and they had to tell her to have time off, I just hope it’s not anything serious, I love Denise.

  9. Any idea when/if the US show Superstore will air in Australia? Not even sure who has rights to it. I have been very eager to watch this (legally) but may have to resort to other methods…….

  10. Will the ABC be airing next weeks The Last Leg that will air next Froday night in the UK, it’s another 2 hour special ‘Reunited Britain’ also will they air the one that aired last Friday night in the UK? Nothing listed on their TV guides yet.

    • There are 2 90 min specials of The Last Leg on right now (Wed 14/6 9.30pm) and next Wed 21/6 at 9.30pm. There’s a repeat of this ep at 2.40am tomorrow and 11pm Sat night if you aren’t watching right now.

  11. I know that this is not going to resonate with most here, but Getaway on Ch9 tonight was technically disappointing. There was little evidence that they had color-graded the episode – an amazing omission for a travel program that wants to promote beautiful destinations. Most of the vision in Fiji was almost washed out – all they had to do was adjust gamma to increase the blacks and increase saturation a bit – it’s really easy to do even with the simplest home editing programs, not to mention with the professional Boris FX which Ch9 probably use. The ads and the promos within the program had way much better color grading. Getaway – please employ a decent color grader, or employ a color grader if you don’t have one now.

    • There are 5 left! You’d think Channel 10 would learn from the last time they moved NCIS and lost 500,000+ viewers! They need to leave it where it is!

          • I’m confused as to why its in the calendar in the first place. Its definitely not the season final. As a reader of this sight I would prefer season finals on the calendar to be an actual season final. If channel ten are artificially manufacturing a season final to supposedly support their poor programming decision they need to be called out on it.

          • I have always listed as per network scheduling so that people can see when shows stop and start. This is Australia after all.

          • Maybe you could use another term for when a show is taken off air but episodes are still available. Having the calender state when shows stop and start makes sense but this thread wouldn’t have started if there wasn’t some confusion. I know we are in australia but i think networks forget that the internet is global. It wouldn’t hurt reminding them sometimes.

          • The NCIS:LA season final is on June 20. I suspect Ten will put NCIS in that slot the following week. Just my 2 cents…

  12. Maev....Sydney

    So who the heck fiddled with iview…arrgghh… lines on the top and bottom….full screen….nope….cant do that now…it is jerky….Not happy, Jan >:(

  13. Maev....Sydney

    I am thinking some compensation from Telstra is in order…the length of that outage…just crazy…Hope you had better luck talking to an actual human, than I did…*G*

  14. Any announcement that new Channel 4 drama, Ackley Bridge, airing in Australia?
    Was a fan of the BBC’s Waterloo Road and Degrassi / next class.

  15. A quiet, somber, poetic finish to a deeply lavish show that put characterisation above all else… in a way, the finale of The Leftovers epitomised what the show was about. Thankfully, there were no real answers (not that I was expecting any) and no grandiose gestures to contemplate, it was just a subtle yet deep study of two people that spent too much time apart with underlying sadness about both their predicaments. In a way it was an ideal finish, but I did feel a little short changed. Of course it was good, not amazing… I don’t know why, but I felt a tad underwhelmed despite all of this. But I guess that feeds into the shows mysticism… you never knew what you were going to get.
    The Leftovers affected me in ways that no other show ever has. To be able to interpret the show my own way was a masterclass in production because my views are different to the next persons. The fact the…

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