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  1. Never once have I added www so can’t say I will miss it…. 🙂 ….and I still call it…channel 2….*G*….
    Strange Hell’s Kitchen Australia cast revealed from back in March…coming up in most read this week?….guess people were trying to find out who the heck some of those people are.
    (Reading this weeks TV Tonight email newletter)

  2. Thanks for the ‘minor URL change’ tidy-up you mentioned in the newsletter – it’s cleared up the “which side am I logged in to?” issues caused by the www vs non-www domains.

    I guess it’s also helping with the Cloudflare caching issues, particularly for non-logged-in readers? (I haven’t noticed any extremely stale pages this morning – previously, it wasn’t unusual for the front page to be up to a day old depending on what URL visitors used.)

  3. sorry if this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me why on earth Gem puts on ancient b&w movies on their channel which is HD? i get that they might be out of copyright so maybe free but what a waste of bandwidth!
    If they’re going to do that i don’t why they can’t at least have decent scheduling. Tonight for example they had an oldie on around midnight, then an episode of Heartbeat started at 3am.
    I would’ve thought it more sensible to do it the other way around since 3am is the middle of the ‘graveyard shift’.

    • When old moves go out of copyright they remaster them and copyright them again. The secondary channels are full of repeats of movies, UK murder mysteries and sitcoms because they are cheap, appeal to particular demographics who will watch them over and over again when there is nothing else they like on. Gem have right to Heartbeat but its been on many times and people aren’t watching it, so they use it to fill 3am for shift works and insomniacs. If they put a move on at midnight and someone up late watching TV finds it they might watch for 2 hours.

      • i still reckon more people would watch Heartbeat than an ancient b&w movie from 1940 with barely watchable picture & sound, its not like they’re showing Hitchcock classics or anything like that

        • They do, or used to show some classic Hammer studio films, you know the ones with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, the dracula and frankenstein films, on Gem, early hours of Saturday or Sunday Morning.

  4. An article about the upcoming Miss Fisher feature discloses a possible prequel series about the early days of Miss Fisher’s sleuthing career.

  5. I’ve been thinking tonight about the flops of 2017 (so far). Can anyone think what to add to this list, from what we’ve already seen?

    Nine: The Last Resort
    Seven: Yummy Mummies, Behave Yourself
    Ten: The Biggest Loser, Common Sense

  6. The Wrong Girl starts 8.40 next Thursday the 24th according to one promo during The Bachelor tonight. Many questions. It looks like Ten have blinked and decided to avoid a clash with Doctor Doctor, but what will replace Offspring? And will Common Sense finish next week or is it finally bumped?

  7. In the distant past, Season 6 of Judging Amy was on/off/on/off. It got to the stage I didn’t know if I actually ever got to see the finale of the show/S6.

    More recently, knowing the show was back on air, I’ve made a concerted effort to watch S5-S6 back-to-back. The 2nd to last episode of S5 was on the other day. It seems I’ve got to wait a couple of days before I see the season final. This was after showing the episodes M-F. And S6 of the show is out of the schedule. Maybe TEN could upload to TENplay S6 for those of us who’ve probably never seen the episodes?

      • glennc, that is a possibility. I would think it strange that you’d have access to so many other episodes/seasons, especially if (I think it was 10) was the first run network for Australia. As opposed to 7s TBBT deal where 7s deal doesn’t include more recent seasons.

    • I’ve since heard from TEN. They do have the rights to S6, and will be broadcasting the episodes later this year. They tell me there are other programs that have to be broadcast beforehand.

  8. Hey there david

    Just read the article on shonda going over to Netflix. Do we have any information on what’s going to happen to the current shows she writes for? As in will she take them with her or will they be cancelled

        • I’m answering lots of questions and juggling many parts at once (comments, news, interviews, set visits) so brevity shouldn’t be presumed as “grumpy.” It’s important to teach readers how the various aspects of the blog work.

      • It involves 1 7 and 3 7Flix shows: Shondaland will continue producing them as long as ABC renews them. Whether Rhimes is remaining as Showrunner for Scandal’s final season hasn’t been announced. What expired was her exclusive deal to develop shows for ABC, now she will be doing so for Netflix. A counterstrike against Disney/ABC pulling content from Netflix.

        • Hey all thanks for the replies!!! Still new to this particular forum and don’t post very often so still learning the rules. Apologies if I have done the wrong thing. But only posted here as last time when I posted on the article I didn’t get a response. Totally understand that you can’t reply to everything thread with the volume of posts you probably get on a daily basis

        • This acquisition is fascinating, because she wouldn’t have come with a cheap price tag… and couple that with the reports of Netflix’s debt problem, I find it interesting… Gee they would be hoping she can replicate what she’s done for ABC…

  9. David, I don’t suppose you know any website/forums where ratings prior to 2007 are available?

    I’m afraid of your answer being no.

    There are websites/forums with ‘top programs’, etc.

    But am seeking an archive like yours.

    Anyway, if not, no problem at all. Your archive is brilliant.

  10. I noticed Fox8 have season2 1 and 2 of Gotham coming up from August 27th… Does this mean Nine have finally relented and onsold it to Foxtel?

    • Sounds like it… But unfortunately, it’s too little, too late. If they play single episodes weekly, they will be up to season 3 around May next year (just as season 4 wraps up in the States).

      • They’ll be showing an episode every night. Which means we might actually catch up in time for the second half of Season 4 where (hopefully) it goes “Express From the U.S”

  11. Finally got around to watching the Blue Murder sequel.
    Worth watching but not in the same league as the original. Felt a lot like just another Underbelly episode in parts, with even some of the same actors.
    Richard Roxburgh was once again incredible as Rogerson – what an actor!!
    Richard and Toni Collette lifted what would have been an otherwise average drama.

  12. Just endured 20 minutes of Hells Kitchen.
    I avoided it because of all the bad reviews and my admiration for Marco, but that schadenfreude got the best of me.
    Even Marco looks embarrassed. Who are these people – I recognise a couple of them only. And none of them can cook, who wants to see that?
    This already has flopped in the ratings, and, sadly, probably will end Pierre White’s television career in this country. MasterChef certainly won’t take him back.

  13. How many more months do we have to put up with Little big shots promos before it is actually shown? Seems like they’ve been going on for years.

  14. Any clue what happened with the Ch 11 show called Speechless. It just stopped airing with 2 eps left to go and immediately the show was removed from Tenplay with a search coming up as if the show didn’t even exist !

  15. Found out today from Stan that the ABC has the rights to the final season of Episodes. Looks like Stan won’t get it until it has aired on the ABC.

  16. There is an excellent article written by Saman Shad on ABC News on why the new Romper Stomper is racist television and should not be supported or watched.

    Down with Islamophobia and fear of Asian Australians! Down with racism!

    • Has she read the script? Otherwise need to wait until there is something of substance. It’s possible for a writer to show racism in order to condemn it. Need to see context, execution and redemption.

  17. Thanks for another lovely newsletter….I was shocked…it is Friday?!?…where has this week gone…
    And as for the site speed resuming on Monday….never really noticed it slowed down…. 😀 and I pop in and out a few times, each 24 hours.

  18. Was looking forward to the rebooted AFL Footy Show but there was too many people on the panel. Looked more like a telethon. It will only work if they let Eddie fly solo. It was all a bit awkward.

    • Sleepy Hollow was listed, then they changed their mind. If Ten reneges on their contract with Fox due to lack of money, they won’t have to pay for the eps is they don’t air them. It will depend on what deal the Administrator, or new owner, negotiate with the US studios, and what they want to air. The next meeting of creditors is Nov 20. Oaktree, Apollo, Anchorage, CBS and few others have tendered interest in buying Ten. And there is the Gordon/Murdoch joint venture which the ACCC is evaluating (and which may need media reform to pass the senate).

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