Gone: Jericho

Jericho has gone up in smoke on TEN.

The US drama has been pulled from the schedule this Friday, only two weeks after it was returned.

Meanwhile in the US the show has been axed entirely, despite considerable fan anger over the treatment of the show.

In Australia, TEN made a big deal about the simultaneous screening of the series. It was the first time a new US drama had a concurrent US / Australian debut. When I asked TEN’s Melbourne programmer Peter Andrews last year about any inherent problems should the show falter in the US, he was mindful of the risks.

“If the series doesn’t work in the US, our attitude is there’s not a lot to lose. We can still try and make an event of it ourselves. We would still have the ability to access some of the episodes that didn’t go to air in the US. Obviously we’d rather put a positive spin on it, but we don’t really see we’ve got a lot to lose. If it doesn’t run its full course in the US then that was always going to be the case with the series anyway.” he said.

TEN will replace Jericho this week with a Movie: Mean Girls.

No word if TEN will reschedule the unaired eps.

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  1. I am a Jericho fan, and most of us cant stand reality TV, and so I assume that the fans of BB, wouldnt enjoy Jericho. So in the most brilliant programming decision of the year, what does TEN do, but squeeze Jericho between two episodes of BB!! Im not surprised the ratings were low. I tried to phone TEN and give them the story of the show’s renewal and to suggest a different time slot, but they hung up on me! Jericho fans I have spoken to, have told me that they didnt realise it was back on air, because “I dont watch TEN”. But I can only be forever in debt to Ten for introducing me to broadband TV watching, it has changed our household forever!!

  2. Any chance anyone knows if channel 10 will show the rest of the episodes of Jericho. How silly it is to start the season, then just stop without any explanation. Looks like “they” don’t really care what us-the viewers think…I also hope if & when it comes back, and they’ll put it on at some crazy hour well after midnight, that if I program it to be recorded, it would actually start & finish the time indicated in the TV program, not that I’ll miss half of it…

  3. Jericho is a good show and it is just typical that Oz FTA TV would drop this show.
    It has now been revived by CBS Amercia due to a Massive Fan Campaign including boxes of Nuts being delivered to CBS in New York and LA.
    OZ FTA TV has no consistences with new shows that just chop and change when they feel like it.

    It’s probably better to Download the remaining episodes from the net
    Not Happy Ten!

  4. This is getting stupid – All the shows i am watching are getting axed…and they arnt bringing anything good on! Soon the entire free to air channels will just be showing big brother and shows with fat people…

  5. This is ridiculous. I give up on network TV altogether, I’ll download everything from now on, the networks simply can’t be trusted.

    I don’t think it’ll make the 4pm Saturday timeslot, more like 5:30 Saturday morning after the babble from the televangelists (a la The 4400).


  6. If in doubt on upcoming shows check my 2007 Show Watch for shows which have been announced by networks.

    Sopranos isn’t on the official list, but I suspect they will probably a late time yes, unless they ludicrously hold it off until summer.

    Let you know once I know.

  7. David..Do you know if Channel 9 are going to show the remaining episodes of “the Sopranos” that are currently being shown in the US

  8. Abstract Adam - Adam Oriti

    This is the reason we have given up on free to air TV and download everything. Just stupid. I must admit I didnt watch this but it goes without saying who controlling these stations are by the big fat $

  9. I had a feeling this was going to happen especially after the axing in the US. Ten should have put the program on in its original time slot the same time as when the show returned in America. It probably would rate better then ‘Teen Fit Camp’. Thank god for broadband though as the rest of the season is amazing.

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