Larry Emdur renews with Seven

Larry Emdur has renewed his contract with the Seven Network, following interest from rival Nine Network.

The renewal prevents The Morning Show co-host defecting to Nine, where he is well regarded.

Some media reports had him earmarked as a new co-host for Today, allowing Karl Stefanovic to fulfill his ambitions in primetime news and current affairs.

A Nine spokesperson recently denied he was earmarked for the job but acknowledged the former Price is Right host was a versatile performer.

Seven spokesperson Simon Francis declined to comment on the details of Emdur’s new contract, believed to be a lucrative offer.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. It’s pretty funny, just saw a promo for tomorrow nights ACA and they had Larry and his “extraordinary pay rise” which is causing an “all out war” between the talent at 7. haha. do a story on it please.

  2. This is a dark day.I too was wishing he move over to 9 and they possibly give him a game show role there for a new Price is Right or Temptation.The day will come for them that Nine will run out of 2.5 men episodes at 7pm so they will have no choice but to start something fresh and new.

  3. David, you should like to this one.. if for no other reason than you get a mention 🙂

  4. Kylie was very distressed at the thought of him leaving. Now that just proves the loyalty Laz has . I will say it will now strengthen their on- air relationship.

    Don’t break up the dream team!!!

  5. Well he is co hosting a morning show that since it has aired has never been beaten and he & Kylie just work so well together. Im glad he decided to stay with 7. 9 had him and let him go. You’re worth every cent Larry.

    People saying he is getting paid to much, can we just use Charlie Sheen as an example of someone getting paid a millions dollars an epiosde of a show that goes for 1/2 an hour and isnt really helping the show at the moment.

  6. Watch the cracks start to show on The Morning Show now with him & Kylie. Yeah throw money at the guy to keep him but you know other people who make the show will get their nose out of joint behind the scenes.

  7. Thank Goodness Larry has stayed with 7!
    Excellent opportunity $$$ wise and loyality, the network that brought him back into popularity! PIR for Channel 7!

  8. It’s a shame that he didn’t go to Nine. Today featuring Larry and Richard Wilkins would have been a smash hit !

    Larry’s great. Grant Denyer is very talented as well.

  9. and from

    A close friend of Emdur said his new contract was “a s***load of money”, adding that his decision to remain at Seven was built on “loyalty as well as opportunity”.

  10. @CatFan: I imagine he’s worth every cent to Seven. He just has that cheeky grin and demeanour that the over-55s (like my nan and her friends) go for.

  11. I read it’s supposed to be an $800k salary. All that for fronting a morning advertorial show? Doesn’t that show how screwed up this world is.

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