Tipping Point tops entertainment, Seven wins Thursday.

Tipping Point, Seven News and A Current Affair were all timeslot winners on a very quiet Thursday.

Tipping Point was the top entertainment show on Thursday at 728,000 in National TV Audience pipping The Chase on 708,000.

Home & Away was next, including on multichannels in some cities, at 681,000.

7:30 drew 491,000 then Jamie’s Air Fryers (355,000) and Foreign Correspondent (303,000).

Seven’s AFL was 654,000 with Thursday Night NRL on 602,000.

Seven News led with 1.31m for Seven. In select cities were Dogs Behaving Very Badly (168,000) and Crime Investigation Australia (140,000).

Nine News averaged 1.12m with A Current Affair at 906,000. Mega Zoo (123,000) and 100 Days that Rocked the Royals (116,000) followed in select cities.

ABC News pulled 802,000. Martin Clune’s Islands of Australia was 352,000 then Hard Quiz (357,000) and Antiques Roadshow (199,000) replays.

10 News First drew 346,000 for 10 then The Project (330,000), Deal or No Deal (317,000), Law & Order SVU (164,000)

On SBS it was SBS World News (208,000 / ) and ABBA: 50 Years of Pop (191,000).

The Morning Show: 140,000 / 98,000
Today Extra: 115,000 /

National Total TV: Thursday 9 May 2024

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  1. On the Chase According to The Governess Aussies don’t usually go for the higher offer which makes the show a bit boring. Maybe they should up the amount that can be offered to the contestants.

  2. Although Tipping Point has been a success for nine, no discernible change to news ratings. On occasion nine has got close and even bettered seven news but in the main, lead has remained 150-250k each night. Who knew – people can use a tv remote.

  3. The competition is tight between Tipping Point and The Chase. Though I agree about The Chase becoming stale. Could a Beat The Chasers Australia spin-off refresh the show?

    It could also be the quality of contestants. The other thing is that Tipping Point seems to be less intellectual with the disc drops. The best episodes of The Chase are when the contestants have a real chance of competing with the chasers. The difficulty level and concept of Pointless is also too complicated for many, though it does have an audience.

    The 1% Club is doing well. So maybe a new game show that captures the attention and imagination is needed in the afternoon and early evening mix.

    With game shows doing so well, it would make sense for networks to invest in making new game shows that resonate. There’s also a market for a game show multichannel, as game show channels overseas, like Challenge and Game Show Network rate well.

      1. A typical Pointless question may be be something like Films directed by Steven Spielberg that did not receive any Academy Award nominations, or Bands from Manchester that had a top ten hit in 1998. Where as a typical Family Fued question is something like Name something you might find in a fridge. There is a discernable difference and difficulty level.

  4. Started off not liking the audience but now I’m used to them Tipping Point is an easy watch, much preferred over the stale Chase. I’m confident these contestants aren’t the most switched on quizmasters though.

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