Airdate: The Thick Of It

Season Three of UK comedy The Thick Of It airs on the ABC this week.

Filmed in 2009, there are 8 episodes in this season. A fourth series has also been commissioned.

The return of political satire inside the corridors of British power sees lowly MP Nicola Murray promoted to Cabinet when all others shun an unfashionable department.

Murray is so far down the list of prospective ministers that the PM’s chief enforcer Malcolm Tucker does not even have a file on her. But she is promoted to the head of the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship when no one else will take the post.

Nicola is very keen and she has expensive ideas and ideals and Malcolm discovers she comes with an agenda that will cause him some discomfort.

It returns 10:00pm Thursday July 21 on ABC2.


  1. Stan – the season three DVD has been out for a couple of months, but it’s next to impossible to track down. I got my copy at my local ABC shop, but it’s the only one I’ve seen it in, and it’s not available online. I imagine it’ll get a wide release after it airs on ABC2, but in the meantime, get hunting!

  2. They ran the first couple of seasons on ABC1 in a much better timeslot way back in 2008. Seems like programmers don’t have a lot of faith in one of the greatest television shows’ ever made. That said, they could shove it at 1am & I’ll still manage to watch it.

    That must mean the season three DVD will be out soon? 🙂

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