FX channel to launch -with day and date series

FX channel will launch on the Foxtel platform in early 2012 promising the latest shows to air on the same day and date as the USA.

FOX International Channels (FIC) announced the much-rumoured channel today, leading with zombie cult hit The Walking Dead.

Set to screen a mix of drama, comedy, action, thriller and sci-fi, the channel will be available to Foxtel subscribers on the basic package.

It will also include an HD channel.

The Walking Dead, which has already screened its first season in the US, will air ad-free, back-to-back seasons.

Its other premium titles include action series The Transporter, based on the films by Luc Besson, with Chris Vance (Prison Break, All Saints) as an ex-Special Forces operator making a living as a no-questions-asked professional courier in Europe’s crime-ridden underworld.

It also has Hell On Wheels, a wild west tale of revenge chronicling a potent turning point in history with the construction of America’s transcontinental railroad. Anson Mount stars as a former Confederate soldier in a lawless melting pot of a town that services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad.

Some FX shows such as Sons of Anarchy and Wilfred are already seen on other channels in Australia while Justified and American Horror Story are expected on Free to Air soon.

Karin Simoncini, Managing Director of FIC Australia said, “We’re incredibly excited to be launching FX next year. It’s a brand that’s known around the world for its edgy entertainment and we’re proud to be creating an Australian version that will feature the hottest shows around.

“This will be a high quality destination for viewers where they can settle in to watch these amazing shows in an amazing TV environment.”

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television said, “Since its inception Foxtel has continually strengthened the array of channels and programming it offers to its subscribers. With the launch of FX we will mark another important step forward in the delivery of the best international television content to Australian homes.”

Foxtel recently announced a monthly increase of $2 on its packages ahead of forthcoming new channels.

FX was previously available on Foxtel prior to a rebranding as W Channel.


  1. Does this mean It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Archer are going to be moving from The Comedy Channel and FOX8 onto FX, given they air on FX in America. Maybe we’ll also see the Australian premiere of The League too.

  2. This Channel doesn’t seem to be good, doesn’t sound like good shows!!

    Why don’t they Bl***y bring Channels like:

    Warner Brothers
    and mainly Spanish Channels that’s what i want to see come to Australia like;
    Canal Del Las Estrellas and etc

    That’s what they should bring theres Thousands of Latin people in Australia so come on Foxtel you Better Listen To Me!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Still no Mention of Teennick or Nicktoons in Australia as well as Disney XD, DIsney Channel HD or Nickelodeon HD launching either, lets give some Feedback to Foxtel about Launching them all.

  4. @ Tony H. – if you were one you would feel the same way =p. I have already given the example of Discovery HD World and Nat Geo HD which have been on Foxtel for something like 4 years and still not on Austar; but other negatives include not having the full catelogue of AIR Radio channels, having a faulty STB system that has a list of problems longer than my arm, no On Demand services and HD Box Office, and lastly (and most importantly) not having access to 4 HD channels and 4 SD channels (expected to rise again at the end of the year when Foxtel launch their new channels).

  5. The term Day & Date really isn’t correct at all, regardless how often the term seems to be used by TV types to talk about Same Day broadcasts.

    With Australia being in the future as far as international datelines are concerned, it’s pretty unlikely that The Walking Dead (for example) will air 12 hours (thereabouts) prior to its US airing. In all likelihood, it’d be 12 hours after, making it the next date and not the same date.

    If they really are that committed to a day and date airing, that’d be phenomenal. But, I wouldn’t expect to see it happen.

  6. while Justified and American Horror Story are expected on Free to Air soon.


    Justified – We have been waiting since the middle of last year for Nine to show this – unless they have onsold it ?

  7. that is one of the reason why i let austar go cos i sick of there bull crap with bring new channels out an i will not get them till foxtell buy them out

  8. It makes very little difference since Im not paying 166 dollars just for one TV series. Its not a horror or games channel so it wont interest me.

    Face it Austar/Foxtel You are not Sky

  9. I should point out that the FX we originally had, before W came along, was nothing like this one. It was female skewed all the way. Clearly Foxtel just picked that name out of the “News Corp brands that haven’t been used in Australia yet” hat.

  10. The previous FX channel and this new one are, it should be said, completely different in style despite the name similarity. The Pre-W FX channel played mostly retro shows such as Charlies Angels, Julia, Room 222 and the Irwin Allen productions – it was more like some of the current digital FTA channels.

  11. Once again Austar subscribers are left in the dark. We are still waiting for Discovery HD World and Nat Geo HD which have been on Foxtel for close to 4 years now. Looks like a great channel, but I wonder if it will come with a HD simulcast on launch? Also, is it owned by Foxtel or Fox International Channels, as FIC don’t own any channels in Australia and they are all owned by Foxtel?

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