Happy Endings update

An interesting outcome for the upcoming series of Happy Endings on Seven.

The US elected to show Season One out of order, which happens on occasions with new shows.

Seven has opted to air them as they were produced so that the storylines throughout the season make sense. Makes sense to me.

22/11 Happy Endings, Episode-001 Pilot
24/11 Happy Endings, Episode-010 Bo Fight
29/11 Happy Endings, Episode-011 Barefoot Pedaler

It premieres 9:30pm next Tuesday on Seven.


  1. @Jimmy – no much of the season is shown out of order, for example ep13 was actual the 6th on made, checkout the wiki page.


    IMO Sitcoms are less prone to needing to be shown in order as most of the time there is no season long arc to follow. That said I always prefer it when networks don’t interfear in the show runners plans as in how the story is told.

  2. @ Nik C.

    Very rarely are these calls made due to sensitivity about an event although it happens (Bones, Buffy as examples with episodes with school shooting storylines that had to be pulled after real-life school shootings), the main reason executives make these calls is because by doing so they believe they’re giving the show the best chance to succeed. New shows have a settling period of around 4 weeks with their ratings, so after airing the pilot, executives will sometimes “front-load” the rest of this period with episodes they believe are the strongest examples of the show (and more likely to maintain as much of the audience as possible) and hold “weaker” episodes over until the show is bedded in, when the audience is more likely to be forgiving of an OK/mediocre episode as they’re already hooked. The execs can also apply the same logic for the first few shows after returning from the Christmas/January break as watching habits can change.

  3. It would make sense to show them in order, as most shows have some sequential ongoing stories flowing throught out a series even if it is a comedy. Was there a specific reason the US showed them out of sequence? Sensitivity to an event?

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