Host doubts for Australia’s Next Top Model

Time is running out for Australia’s Next Top Model.

Foxtel is yet to announce auditions for the 2012 season of its long-running Reality contest, which last year were announced in January.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports today there may be difficulties in finding a replacement host for Sarah Murdoch.

Murdoch decided to move on, amid speculation she may appear in a primetime TEN programme.

The newspaper says a host was locked in, but pulled out at the last minute.

“We were told the host they had in mind had just pulled out and that they’ve decided to shelve it for a year,” a sources says.

A spokesperson for Foxtel has confirmed no host has been locked in.

“We haven’t offered anybody the hosting role,” the spokesperson says.

If the show is going to have any chance of screening on air in 2012 it will need to hustle.


  1. @ Guy Having worked on previous series of TOPM 1-6 I can tell you that the Hosts roll only really became a co producer role when Sarah came on Board.
    Before the production went to Shine, Sarah’s input was considered( was billed as co produced by her 329 pro company, When it moved to Shine Sarah did take a much bigger role in the producing and direction of the show.

  2. @JarrodJ

    Its a lot harder than you think because in all previous seasons the host is also co-producer. It makes it a lot tougher. Mind you i don’t see why this has to happen. Surely they can find a host. This is Fox’s biggest show of the year every year and surely they will be working tooth and nail to find someone. The only other reason i can see here is FOX is being very picky about the person having ties with David Jones. Could be why Jen and others in the Myer camp are not available.

  3. Richard Clune has reported in the Sunday Telegraph (in his own words) that “Foxtel’s top-rating Australia’s Next Top Model will not go to air this year because network bosses could not find a suitable replacement for Sarah Murdoch”

    Richard v Luke – mmmm, who is correct 🙂

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