Still loving Smash

What a surprise package Smash is turning out to be. One of my favourite new shows of 2012 so far.

The two leading ladies in this, Katharine McPhee (Karen Cartwright) and Megan Hilty (Ivy) have been fabulous new discoveries, while Jack Davenport makes such an icy bastard director as Derek.

Then there is Anjelica Huston as the uber-chic producer Eileen, her sneaky squirrel assistant Ellis as Jaime Cepero. Debra Messing has been great in a dramatic role (but personally I think upstaged by McPhee and Hilty).

The original songs written for the Marilyn musical have been fab, especially 20th Century Mambo and Let Me Be Your Star.

In the next episode Uma Thurman steps in as the new Marilyn -and no spoilers, but you just know Karen is the one true Marilyn, still waiting for her moment to shine.

9:35pm Monday on W.


  1. Everythiung you say is ciorrect.I love the show..a few incredible things, like Ellis wanting to be copordicer ..but overall the singing is great and music is wonderful.

  2. I love it as well.

    I agree with the crux of series being the relationship angst is annoying and a bit predictable but the show has legs and am looking forward to more. (Uma is a bit annoying tho’ BTW)

  3. Love this show,so glad FTA never got there hands on it.
    So many great shows on Foxtel now i think the only “drama” series i watch on FTA is Californication.

  4. @Jengo

    Was exactly the same as you. I suggest you watch the latest episode. It was great. It has started to improve and the producers have promised that the kinks in season 1 will be rectified in season 2. Remember the whole season was shot before episode 1 went to air.

  5. This was one of the shows I was looking forward to this year, but after 2 episodes I stopped. The script was terrible. Good premise but badly let down in the scripts, and I found that after 2 episodes I really couldn’t care less about any of the characters. In fact I was hoping at least half would come to some early demise. So wish it could have been better, was a real disappointment. But glad for those that do like it, that it has been renewed for a 2nd series.

  6. Dissenting opinion here; I was excited by the premise of the show but had to stop watching after six episodes because I found the writing execrable – both in character development and truly unbelievable story lines.

    Surely the making of a Broadway show should provide drama enough, but we are saddled with the writers need to put every character in a problematic relationship (and the Julia/Michael affair was especially creepy) .

    Plus Ivy is clearly better than Karen in every aspect; the show insisting they are in competition is laughable.

    And don’t get me started on the dreadful “actor” that attempts to play Julia’s son….

  7. This series seems to have really divided viewers and critics, some people love it and others hate it and say the writing is inconsistent

    I haven’t watched it, the premise doesn’t interest me

  8. Yes its a great show, pity FTA passed on it but maybe thats a good thing as given the nature of the business its likely the show would have already been bumped to a later time slot.

    I agree it’s one of the better shows of the season which saw many hopes die with in a month of their launch.

    I’m a few eps behind but catching up on my PVR backlog.

  9. Agreed David. Wasn’t sure how good it would be when I started watching it, but I’m now hooked. There is a soundtrack coming out soon, can’t wait to get it! I’m expecting the show to do well at the Emmys in September too…

  10. I must agree with you there David. Early on in the season i actually was really disappointed with it and didn’t like it much and was this close to scrapping it but the past few weeks i decided to catch up and it has improved out of sight except for Ellis of course. Wish something tragic would happen to him.

    Karen was made to play Marilyn. Don’t like Ivy still. She is that same person on the inside still but does have a good set of lungs. Can’t wait to see what Uma Thurman does. Look forward to next week.

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