Multichannel Survey: ELEVEN / ONE

Today TEN answers the questions in TV Tonight‘s continuing series on Multichannels.

7TWO / 7mate
GO! / Gem 

Here are TEN’s views on recent, current and upcoming titles.


ELEVEN is the home of fun and bold entertainment for a distinctly youthful audience. ELEVEN features a mix of Australian and international programming including premium drama, comedy and animated series.

Viewers aged 16 to 39.

– ELEVEN is #1 in prime time among women under 55.
– ELEVEN is #1 in daytime across all demos.
– Neighbours is the #1 Australian regular program on the digital channels, averages 304,000 viewers.
SOURCE: OzTAM, Weeks 7-42 (excluding Easter/Olympics) 2012 vs. Weeks 7-42 (excluding Easter) 2011, Consolidated, 18:00-22:30 (Sunday to Saturday), Daytime is 09:00-18:00 (Monday to Friday), ‘Regular Program’ = Minimum of 3 episodes

Neighbours, Micro-Nation, The Loop, American Horror Story, Supernatural, Snog Marry Avoid? Couch Time, Toasted TV, Wilfred, The Cleveland Show, Bob’s Burger’s, Futurama, The Simpsons, So You Think You Can Dance US and Raising Hope.

Neighbours, The Loop, Couch Time, The Cleveland Show.

Neighbours, Supernatural, Micro-Nation, Futurama and Emmy’s.


Neighbours, Micro-Nation, The Loop, Toasted TV and Couch Time.

MasterChef, MasterChef AllStars, Puberty Blues, I Will Survive and Don’t Tell The Bride.

Neighbours is the only local drama series running exclusively on a digital channel.
ELEVEN and ONE are the #1 digital multi-channel combination among 18 to 49s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s.



ONE features a mix of premium factual programs and movies, along with action and adventure programming and premium sport. ONE is broadcast in High Definition.

Men aged 25 – 54

– ONE’s prime time total people average audience is up 26.3% on the same time last year.
– ONE’s prime time average audience among 25 to 54s is up 22.7% on the same time last year.
– The FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2012 is the #1 program of 2012 on the digital channels, achieved an audience of 329,000 viewers.
SOURCE: OzTAM, Weeks 7-42 (excluding Easter/Olympics) 2012 vs. Weeks 7-42 (excluding Easter) 2011, Consolidated, 18:00-22:30 (Sunday to Saturday), Daytime is 09:00-18:00 (Monday to Friday), ‘Regular Program’ = Minimum of 3 episodes

Formula One, MotoGP, iFish, NBL, Sons of Anarchy, Psych, The Ultimate Rider, House of Lies, Brand X, Ross Kemp series, Hell’s Kitchen USA, Coal, American Digger, Flip Men, COPS, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, Nascar, MBL, NFL and Trick My Truck.

The Ultimate Rider, Australian PGA, NBL, House of Lies, Formula One, MotoGP, Brand X, Coal, Hell’s Kitchen USA and American Digger.

Formula One, MotoGP and Ross Kemp series.

Formula One, MotoGP, COPS, Ross Kemp series, Coal, Sons of Anarchy, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, Nascar, MBL, NFL and Pro-Bull Riding.

Formula One, MotoGP, Australian PGA, NBL, The Ultimate Rider, iFish and Hopman Cup.

Can of Worms

ONE was the first high definition digital channel in Australia. It originally launched as TEN HD in 2008 and then was re-launched as ONE HD and in 2011 become ONE.
ELEVEN and ONE are the #1 digital multi-channel combination among 18 to 49s, 16 to 39s and 25 to 54s.


  1. While Neighbours does well on Eleven, It has shed so many vieweres that I think they should shift it back to the main channel (like The Simpsons). Back to the old 6-7pm slot. Give up on this dud called The Project.
    Kudos for trying Ten, but the public have spoken. People are more interested in what the meat content of sausages is, or what feral neighbours or shonky tradesmen are up to than they are of Goerge Negas or the poor people of Syria.
    As for Eleven, I am enjoying the Love Boat repeats purely for the “I can’t beleive they made this shit” moments

  2. It’s called MLB (Major League Baseball) not MBL like it is referred to multiple times in the survey.

    I know it’s not a big thing, but you’d think that considering they show 15+ hours of this product per week they’d be able to get the name right and someone would probably get fired if #Nine referred to rugby continually as N.L.R. or Seven called footy A.L.F.

  3. Toasted TV has become pointless, since it moved to Eleven. Toasted TV are endlessly recycling the same cartoon series, and barely showing any new content this year. With the little new content shown, been even more blatant commercials for the related merchandise.

  4. Eleven are doing well.Never watched Everybody loves Raymond when Mainstream 10 were showing it back in the day but seeing it now after the nightly episodes of Neighbours is great.Raising Hope is one of those shows I love too.

  5. I will be happy if ONE-HD can put WWE Experience back at 6:30pm Saturdays. It’s annoying that they show at 3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon when most people are outside, shopping & not watching tv.

  6. Like all networks 10 is also their own worst enemy, lets get fairdinkum here, Multi Channels actually only mean Multi Commercials to all of them.

    I would like to watch many a show on many different of the Other channels, but with the complete disregard they treat their main channel viewers, because of their ‘deliberate’ over runs of finishing and consequently completely unknown starting times, I have simply got fed up with channel switching in an attempt not to miss the start of some of my favourite mainstream programs.

    But regardless of how out of sinc their starting and finishing times are between Networks, they all quickly get in sinc between Networks with their commercials.

    If only they devoted such dlliigance and Respect towards running on time across all networks for all viewers their complaints received, may drop considerably

    Has anybody ever calculated the revenue now generated from the total number of Advertising Hours the neteworks now actually run, compared to the pre digital multi channel era?… and collorated.this with the physical number of viewers viewing across all channels on all networks, given we can only watch one hour of any broadcasting, during one hour of our actual/physical viewing ie. we can only watch one program at a time.

  7. I agree, good on you TEN for answering all questions!

    ELEVEN has disappointed me with showing so many old shows. I was hoping for more shows from the 90s and early 00s.

    I do enjoy the Sunday replay of Masterchef when it was on.

    Just want to add. Thanks David for the multichannel stories. I’ve been wanting to comment about it for a while. As they haven’t been quite as good as what I thought it would be.

  8. “…home of fun and bold entertainment…” – ugh, the ghost of David Mott is alive and well at Channel Ten but good on them for at least answering all of the Q’s and with some detail, too.

    Interesting to note that the numbers watching One since the change in focus have improved less in their target age demo (25-54) than other age groups.

  9. Well done to Ten for actually answering questions. The lack of answering by Nine and Seven just shows how little they know about their own channels!
    Oh, Ten. Eleven started out well but has fizzled recently. I applaude them for putting on first run episodes of Neighbours. They should all be thinking like this. As for One, it just doesn’t know what it wants to be….

  10. @MrJ: Yes, Ten was first to announce their HD channel (Ten HD) but Seven’s was first to launch (7HD) … although 7HD’s rushed/quiet launch was probably just to try and steal Ten’s thunder.

  11. are they sure tenHD was the first HD channel launch? the way i remember it was that ten planned on being first but had a lengthy lead up promotion in which time 7 was able to pip them to the post with a no fuss launch.

  12. With Sons of Anarchy (best show on teev imo), Burn Notice, F1, MOTOGP and Cops (oldest and still the best ‘good boys, bad boys’ show), ONE has become my channel of choice.

  13. Good that despite all that’s going on at Ten they’ve answered the questions fully and seem to be bigging up their digital channels. Many of the answers from 7/9 suggested they don’t particularly care about theirs.

  14. Thank you for playing Star Trek, Smallville and Supernatural. Plus other shows. It’ll be interesting what the ratings for last night were. Because I do think they need to show a different Star Trek series between 8.30pm-10.30pm to retain most of the viewers. But I guess the percentage will be the only indicator we see.

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