Notice: scheduled maintenance

2013-01-05_1913Just a quick note to advise there will be scheduled maintenance on the site, late on Tuesday.

This is likely to result in a downtime of between 30-60 mins between 5-11pm AEDT.

Thanks for your patience in advance!


  1. David, there’s a bug with viewing the desktop site on a mobile device. Even though there is a box which you can set to view the page from a desktop, it doesn’t seem to work.

    Will this be fixed?

    (a little annoying when viewing ratings, you can’t see much. Sometimes the individual channels results can be viewed, but not the show numbers)


    • I’ve been aware of the desktop site bug for some time and each time it gets fixed it invariably returns again. It’s very frustrating, maybe I will have to investigate a new plug-in (that’s assuming more than one is avail). That said, it is working fine for me right now.

      The ratings issue for iPhone is unrelated to this bug, and it stems back to the way the data is provided to me by OzTAM. Unfortunately I can only recommend desktop to view ratings and there won’t be any changes to this any time soon.

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