MasterChef: The Professionals: Feb 10 – 12

mcpwNext week on MasterChef: The Professionals, the Mystery Box makes a welcome return.

Sunday 10 February, 7.30pm
The Classic Re-Invention Test
In a real treat for sweet lovers, this week’s knife block contains classic desserts. One of the contestants draws a knife from the block to reveal that The Professionals will be re-inventing the classic Australian dessert, the pavlova. Without a recipe, the worst performer will be going home.

Monday 11 February, 7.30pm
Mystery Box
MasterChef fans rejoice: it’s the return of the Mystery Box and it’s back in a big way. While most of us would treat vegetable peelings, puff pasty trimmings, prawn heads and chicken fat as food scraps destined for the compost bin, tonight our professional chefs are challenged to turn waste into first-class meals. The two worst-performing contestants will face off in tomorrow night’s service challenge.

Tuesday 12 February, 7.30pm
Restaurant Service Challenge
This challenge can be summed up in one word: intense. The two worst-performing contestants from last night’s Mystery Box challenge face off in tonight’s service challenge. With Matt joining 120 patrons in the restaurant and Marco working the pass, the two contestants must prepare and cook everything themselves. It’s a real battle of mate versus mate as the two cook off to secure a place in the Top 10.

7.30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on TEN.


  1. I couldn’t wait for the show to end!!! we can’t stand it.
    Grand scale but there is no quality, Over-hyped.
    We really enjoyed watching pay tv Uk Masterchef the Professional. Don’t mind MKR. Hope they won’t renew the Aus Masterchef Professional for the next year!

  2. Wow, pavlova without a recipe could be tricky, it’s difficult enough with a recipe. So much to go wrong, over beat the egg whites and it will flop. Over cooking or under cooking it can be a disaster.

    As for the mystery box, the only thing I can think of with all that is stock or soup. Be interesting to see what the geniuses come up with.

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