Airdate: The Boffin, the Builder and the Bombardier

bbbfTonight ABC1 begins an unusual new series of 10 minute history lessons presented with a mix of comedy and factual.

ABC has often had to fill its hour after playing 50 minute content from the BBC (in this case Doctor Who) -but this concept is pretty out there…

It might appeal if you’re into Mythbusters.

The Boffin, the Builder and the Bombardier is a fast-paced, fun, Australian-made living history series in which three mates deconstruct history by reconstructing the devices that made it.

Each 10 minute episode sees our three characters uncover the secrets of the past by immersing themselves in it – dressing up, and blowing things up…sometimes just for the fun of it.

But beneath the good humour is a well-researched documentary with experimental archaeology at its core – featuring one historical item per episode. The replication of the objects and methods of the past will help viewers better interpret and understand them.

Viewers will get a laugh and at program’s end, an insight into history they may not have had before.

EPISODE 1 – Hit without being hit
“The Gallipoli Periscope Rifle”
The official historian and the ANZAC chief of staff were at odds over the accuracy of this iconic Australian weapon. And one of the world’s best rifle shots at the time agreed with one of them. So who was right?

8:15pm Sunday on ABC1.


  1. I know this comment might be pointless but I want to try to give a more constructive comment. My motive is so I and others like me can continue to watch the ABC. Because in light of the ridiculous pop-up idea and this latest ruin the end credits campaign. I just don’t see the ABC being a good long term viewing option except for a very few select shows. I really, really don’t want that. As a viewer to keep me reasonable happy there are three main requirements:

    1. Good shows (which you have).
    2. Sensible start times (which you do except for ABC News 24 in most of Australia in prime time) .
    3. Advertise TV shows during the ad breaks and not during the shows (this is the one you fail to understand) .

    By the way the above advice is not like the Meatloaf song where 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. No. It means as a viewer I avoid you and especially avoid most new shows. I know it’s now inevitable the only thing that’s kept me going is sentiment. But it can only last so far.

    The irony is if you wanted to you could be a haven from idiotic attempts to trick the viewer and instead try to entice them during the ad breaks. Because as a viewer I’d rather be thought of as a partner. Rather than someone you disrespect. I just can’t take the disrespect to the shows. And even those that you don’t repel they probably are annoyed at your foolish attempts to trick them. I wish you’d truly understand that.

  2. I’ll admit I liked the first show a lot. I also agree with Craig about missing the behind the scenes show for Doctor Who.

    But I don’t think I’ll watch the next show of this. Because for some stupid reason they think it a cute idea to ruin the end credits of Doctor Who to advertise it.

    As I mentioned yesterday how is it ever a good idea to ruin one show to advertise another? You’ve just told the viewers hey we’ve just messed up one show come and see this other show so you can see us ruin this too.

    Why would I as a viewer ever want to watch a programme that has just been responsible for ruining the end of a show I’ve loved for over 30 years? It’s only that long because the show is older than I am. I’ll note it’s especially egregious because it ruins the music. I’m giving in to my flick over impulse next week.

    I don’t get why TV Channels like inspiring hatred of shows in viewers. Not to mention avoidance tactics from them. I thought you wanted viewers? But I’m just a silly viewer and you’ve got this cool new technology.

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