Bumped: Better Homes and Gardens

bhgarFrom next week Better Homes and Gardens makes a permanent move to a new timeslot of 7pm Fridays on Seven.

This is to accommodate AFL commitments on Friday nights. Last year the show moved to Thursdays in some markets, creating a bit of havoc for scheduling and fair ratings comparisons.

The show will remain at 90 minutes with Home and Away to air a triple episode at 7pm Thursday March 21.

This week however, Better Homes and Gardens will air at 8:45pm Thursday in Melbourne due to the NAB Cup airing at 7:30pm Friday.

Bones is 10:15pm in Melbourne as a result.



  1. Just checked yahoo tv guide and the first episode is listed as episode 13 the twist in the plot which is a new episode. So even with the delay at this stage it is still a new episode.

    Its a shame with so many shows being a blend of new episodes and repeats that you have to double check whether you are watching new episodes or rerun.

  2. I’m assuming it’s so the 7 Network can maximise their audience for its main channel at all times.
    It does seem silly to split a show in half but I’m assuming its merely Vic/SA/Tas and maybe WA anyway.
    They paid a lot of money for live AFL coverage, it outrates Bh&G and H&A in the markets affected, so whats the problem? BH&G is a Friday night show personally. And the double ep on Thurs might actually grow H&A’s audience (Fri night may rate lower?)
    I understand their logic, it just seems different!

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