Drop Dead Diva revived

DDDivaIt was axed in January but now Drop Dead Diva is set to be revived by US cable channel Lifetime after talks with studio Sony Pictures Television.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the two sides have reached a new, more cost-effective agreement.

Drop Dead Diva centres on an aspiring model, Deborah “Deb” Dobkins, who was killed in a car crash and is brought back to life as lawyer Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliot).

For creator/executive producer Josh Berman, Drop Dead Diva‘s return to the small screen is a reprieve after The Mob Doctor ended its 13-episode run.

The revival for the show follows AMC announcing a third season of The Killing, which had also been axed before the network reversed its decision.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I am pleased …I really enjoyed this show…like most of my viewing…I do not want to have to work to hard at it…
    Now can Nine please show the episodes they are hoarding…for whatever reason…or even start it again on GEM….so those that do not know can see how things came to be.

  2. Great News! Looking forward to watching it. Now if channel nine/go/gem would just schedule season 4 so us loyal viewers of the show can actually see it.

  3. Excellent news. Drop Dead Diva is a frothy but fun show which manages to incorporate some interesting legal cases in their episodes. Yes, it’s mindless viewing, but since I don’t watch reality television, this fills the odd occasion when I don’t want my brain engaged, just entertained.

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