Leigh Sales to interview Julia Gillard on 7:30

2013-03-25_12367:30 has a meeting of the redheads….

Tonight on 7.30, Leigh Sales interviews Prime Minister Julia Gillard about today’s cabinet reshuffle, Labor’s disastrous week and whether the Prime Minister can turn the party’s fortunes around.

After her Tony Abbott interview, this should be worth catching.


  1. @chadarth. If Leigh Sales showed Gillard no respect, then that was more than she deserves. The office of PM has been tainted and demeaned by Gillard’s undemocratic seizing of it, and also by her unwavering display of incompetence.

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    Sales was rude and showed no respect, given she is not the standing PM of a major country. ABC standards are no more.
    Who is funding the ugliness?

  3. I remember seeing Julia on 7:30 shortly after Labor came into government, it was like an episode of Romper Room with her repeated saying “education revolution”.

  4. In the new four part mini series “The Knifing”, Julia Gillard will be played Leigh Sales and the role of Kevin Rudd will be played by Tony Jones… (Secret Squirrel, your jokes are *strikingly* bad)

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