Prisoner from Episode 1

2013-04-20_2316Ahead of Wentworth beginning next week on SoHo, Foxtel will begin re-screening Prisoner from episode one.

Welcome to Wentworth. Two new prisoners, Karen Travers and Lynn Warner, are inducted into Wentworth Detention Centre and have to quickly adjust to the harsh regime and the tough women they meet there.

As any devotee knows, it’s the early episodes of Prisoner that are the best ones.

Meanwhile, tomorrow night in Melbourne original cast members will meet the new cast of Wentworth.

Monday 22 April, 9:30 pm. 111HITS.


  1. These early episodes of Prisoner really are the best, totally blew me away first time I saw them and still packs a punch to this day. The first 4 episodes in particular really set Prisoner apart from any other drama this country has ever made and really set the tone for the series.

    For me the best episodes of Prisoner are the early years, the first 3 1/2 years when it was at its most popular, before the character of the Freak arrives, after which the whole show changes totally.

    I guess we will have to wait and see but if only this new show Wentworth could be anywhere near as good as these early episodes. But from what I have seen and without putting a dampener on things I truly doubt, as with most shows made today, it will come anywhere near the original but still looking forward to it nonetheless.

    Also coincidentally, the regular eps of Prisoner sees us up to some of the best episodes of the later years being run towards the end of this week culminating in one of the best cliffhangers in Prisoner history on Friday.

  2. Hi David, thanks for the article. It seems 111HITS are only screening special themed episodes. Week one is episodes 1-5, week two jumps to episodes 166.
    It also appears 111HITS are simulcasting ‘Wentworth’ with SoHo when it premieres on May 1st (according to the EPG schedule).

  3. daveinprogress

    Thanks for the heads up on this one, David. Prisoner is one of my all time favourite shows and the best Aussie drama ever! I think Prisoner kept its quality for most of its 8 year run. I think it really found its feet in 1980 when Judy, Sharon etc joined. And the current Ballinger eps are amazing too. Also loved the final months with Rita. Just an awesome show.

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