“The Wentworth community is very strong”

Die-hard Wentworth fans got up close and personal with stars of the Foxtel drama on the weekend, in a show that remains special to cast and audience alike.

Former cast members of Wentworth gathered for a two day Wentworth Con fan event in Melbourne on the weekend.

In attendance were Danielle Cormack, Kate Jenkinson, Nicole da Silva, Katrina Milosevic, Robbie Magasiva, Pamela Rabe, Kate Atkinson, Susie Porter, Jacqueline Brennan, Tammy McIntosh and Libby Tanner.

Katrina Milosevic (Boomer) said this “strange little beast of a show” continues to bring everyone together, including the fan base.

“I know that it’s brought a lot of you together, I read about it all the time. Lifelong friendships have been made and partnerships have struck up… I’m going to cry. I’m always crying!” she said.

“It is lovely though. The Wentworth community is very strong,” Nicole da Silva agreed.

Bernard Curry (Jake) said, “It is one of the unique things about working on this show. As actors, we’ve worked on a number of shows together, or not together. Sometimes you just do a show, there’s your paycheck and you walk away from it. You give it everything that you’ve got in the show, but sometimes you do a show, and it’s just a show.

“One of the cool things was that people who worked on the show were also fans of the show as well. Most of the people in the in the production office, and all the people who work in the show, were all really invested and pulled out everything to make the show as great as it could be.”

Katrina Milosevic recalled the ensemble commitment right from Season 1 of filming.

“When we started in Clayton, we used to sit there and watch episodes in between segments. We sat in a skanky little green room and none of this could work out how to use the DVD!,” she said.

“We were really invested in making it the best show we could. So it was like an analysis process,” said da Silva.

Curry added, “There was a real atmosphere of generosity on the set… a collegiate effort of everybody in this to make this as amazing as we can.”


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