Sony hearts Days of our Lives fans

2013-04-14_1738Sony Pictures Television has issued a statement following TV Tonight revealing that Days of Our Lives will end on Nine on April 26th.

“SPT is committed to the daytime drama genre and specifically to Days of Our Lives,” a spokesperson said.

“Although Nine has chosen not to renew the show, we are committed to finding a new home for Australia’s fan favorite soap. The fans are extremely important to us, and we encourage them to write to us at [email protected] so that we can keep them informed. A Facebook page will be launched shortly where fans can follow their favorite characters and also find out about the show’s new home.”

SPT is in discussions with other broadcasters but TV Tonight understands the license fee is said to be a bit pricey…


  1. If the free to air tv, put more programs on that the viewers would enjoy, they would not be struggling with ratings. For a start there are way to many talk shows, reality shows and the news is on way to much, geezz how much news does one need? They should do a survey on what the viewers would enjoy, and I know from talking to a lot of people, the first show to be axed would be The View, yuck hate those women, and reality shows hate em all. Now we have that splash rubbish on, what do they think we are idiots.? A long time ago they used to put on a daytime movie.

  2. @Dean..V…@Armchair Analysts

    I wont comment till I see what odds Tom Waterhouse is offering on each of your comments.

    As neither mentioned the post election “Abbott and Costello Black Hole Audit Show”

  3. CraigW, Foxtel had a Soap channel a few years ago which featured all the US Daytime soaps that were on air at the time bar Y&R, Days and Bold. It was poorly received.

    I think it’s only hope of survival on Aus tv is being picked up by Foxtel.

  4. DOOL is 38mins without ads. TEN would edit the hell out of it (even in a PG timeslot), just like they do with every episode of the Bold and the Beautiful. I can’t see them buying it anyway. I don’t watch it personally, but it deserves a broadcaster (not Ten) who won’t edit it.

  5. So Sony has priced themselves out of the market. Why the sudden end, though? I would have thought that Nine would have had a contract longer than a few weeks with Sony, and it seems odd that they would only own the broadcast rights to episodes that were aired in the US over 12 months ago.

  6. I think 10 would be the best home for this, although unlikely due to the $$.
    Strip it at 6, strip Neighbours at 6.30 and then Project back at 7.
    I can only see DOOL being worth the $$ for 10 if they screen it in early prime time.

  7. I’ve already contacted Sony and told them how I feel and I sincerely hope they can do something.
    Not pay tv, please, ideally put it on channel 10 after Dr Phil weekdays, that would be just perfect in my opinion!
    Hopefully it won’t be fast forwarded 18months but will start again where it finished off.

  8. We heart Sony too, they have a lot of great shows in their library. But if they could just heart us enough to put their price tag down so that ten can buy it. Not all of us can afford Foxtell, plus ten’s daytime schedule is so bland it could really benifit from Days. So is Seven’s for that matter.

  9. @Armchair Analyst

    Yes. Tony Abbott is the sole reason why the ABC and SBS wouldn’t pick up the American soap Days of our Lives…. Give us a break buddy

  10. Armchair Analyst

    There is little to no chance of Days of Our Lives being picked up by a FTA network in this country, because of the expensive price tag of the license fee. Ten is strugling with ratings and revenue, Murdoch used costs as a reason to axe many former projects which were commisioned by the former administration at Ten so no chance of Ten picking things up, 7 is already funding the AFL which cost them more then last time plus production costs, unlikely they will stump up the cash to air D.O.O.L. As for ABC and SBS foreget about it with Tony Abbott comming into office and with the mantra of slash and burn on the coalitions minds its very very unlikely any of the two public broadcasters will pick it up. That obviously leaves FOXtel, they will no doubt buy it and will increase prices to cover the increased license fees which Sony believes its worth paying for.

  11. Is it an opportunity for Foxtel to brand a ‘Soaps’ channel? I know UKTV have lined up the UK based ones, but I’m sure there’d be plenty of others to keep soapie fans satisfied.

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