Rebel Wilson lands US series

2013-05-12_0021Rebel Wilson now has her very own US comedy series, Super Fun Night.

Co-produced with Conan O’Brien and John Riggi, the comedy has been approved by ABC after previously being declined by CBS.

In the series three nerdy female friends embark on a quest to have super fun every Friday night in the single-cam project.

Also in the cast are Lauren Ash (Lost Girl), Liza Lapira (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23), Kelen Coleman (The Newsroom)

Wilson, who recently hosts the MTV Movie Awards, had her own Bogan Pride series in Australia on SBS.

Source: TV Line


  1. I’m a bit puzzled about all the Rebel Wilson hate. Fair enough if you don’t enjoy her brand of humour but there’s no denying she’s doing exceptionally well. And she just seems a strange person to ‘hate on’, Rebel comes across like a sweet girl who is quite humble about her success.

    I for one think she’s terrific, she seems like the funny girl you’d chat to at the pub, no airs and graces, just lots of wit without any nastiness.

  2. I can’t understand why people here are unable to accept a different opinion it would be a sad world if we all liked or hated the same thing

    Oh and I meant to type untalented not unbalanced

  3. @David Knox, all though they may not have been Simon Bakers shows (the guardian and the mentalist) he is the main star of both.

    • Yes many Aussie actors have had roles, including leads, in US productions. Very few have had their own project picked up. I think the distinction and achievement are pretty easy to acknowledge.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly with @roger001. Fair enough everyone is entitled to an opinion, but some of the comments on here are so stupid that it reveals the people who write them as sad, bitter little souls who get angry when anyone else they happen not to like has a bit of success. No wonder Rebel went to the US. Tall Poppy syndrome is as thriving in Australia as it ever was.

  5. Just because you don’t like her comedy doesn’t mean she’s overrated or not funny. It means you don’t like her comedy. And just because you don’t like her comedy doesn’t make you an expert in comedy.
    I’m neither here or there with Rebel – from what I can see is she has spent the best part of the last decade honing her craft – all power to her – but it seems whenever a comedian has success it leads to a series of troll-like-hate posts on this blog – and I find it both puerile and depressing.
    How many Australian actors have been announced in US Series – there’s been a list of half a dozen this week – where are the ignorant stupid ignorant posts describing them as overrated, inept and not good at acting.

  6. It’s a fairly crap concept for a sitcom and it’ll have to rate, so good luck to it if it does.

    Simon Baker, Alex O’Loughlin, Anna Torv, Rose Byrne, Ryan Kwanten and Jason Gann have had decent success in US TV.

    Jim Jefferies is an Aus standup who’s got his own show ‘Legit’, except it’s on the FX channel and Josh Lawson is in ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime, but HoL isn’t a great show.

    • Simon Baker, Alex O’Loughlin, Anna Torv, Rose Byrne, Ryan Kwanten have not appeared in their own show. They appeared in somebody else’s. Jason Gann has. Barry Humphries has.

  7. Bogan Pride was the worst attempt at comedy I’ve ever seen in my life (yes, even worse than Outland!). Completely inept on every level.

    My guess is that ABC USA is betting on Rebel Wilson becoming a big name star, and want to get in on the ground floor. However, the few people who have seen the pilot of the show have been scathing (apparently it is intergalactically bad), so it will probably backfire on all involved.

    In answer to your question – yeah, I admire her success, but I can’t figure out what did she actually did to earn it.

  8. I’m with David – let’s celebrate the terrific achievement of an Aussie. She’s not to my taste but successes like this should be congratulated, and they can open more doors to our homegrown talent.

  9. Her success is as undoubted as it is unfathomable (to me.) I never got it here in Oz, I didn’t get it in Pitch Perfect, or the MTV Awards, and I still don’t get it.

  10. carolemorrissey

    Just hope it doesn’t go to Foxtel or I won’t be able to watch it. Sounds like a good show, I love Rebel Wilson. Wow, wonder why CBS didn’t want it.

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