Bumped: Once Upon a Time

2013-06-22_0038Once Upon A Time is moving from Seven to 7TWO.

This week the numbers for its late-night episodes were soft:  218,000 / 132,000.

The show won’t air next week due to AFL, but then resumes at 6:30pm Sunday June 30 on 7TWO.

“The Miller’s Daughter”
Cora’s desire to rid herself of Rumplestiltskin in order to take his place as The Dark One takes one step closer to becoming reality as she and Regina try to overpower a dying Mr. Gold. 

It will be preceded by two repeats “Manhattan” at 4:30pm and “The Queen Is Dead” at 5:30pm.


  1. once upon a fan

    I have been trying to find out what time and channel once upon a time is on. I watched the first season and then the second season was cut off and I have not heard anything since can anyone give me some info about this please….

  2. I work on Once Upon A Time in LA at ABC Studios where they film the special effects in the green room using the chroma key facility, I have heard a few rumours from senior ABC executives, that if Channel 7(Seven West Media) keep up their erratic scheduling, late slots as a double episode, airing it on a secondary channel or airing the show in conflicting time slots on which is the networks own productions e.g Sunday Night, ABC will reevaluate Season 3 Australian programming altogether and just make it available on iTunes. Also whether OUAT in Wonderland be made available to an Australian network or again, only on iTunes. Time will tell.

  3. David, firstly thanks for this information.

    But according to the online guides I use, this isn’t preceded by two repeats (which I missed because of the change in schedule), but by a movie “Follow That Camel”

    Can you confirm please?

  4. I love this show but as I commented on the Airdate article on this website for the second half of the season, putting it any later than a 8:30pm timeslot is going to result in dismal ratings (with consolidated figures most probably twice the overnight ratings as families would record it to watch the following night – as I have done). But I am glad it has just been bumped to 7Two where it can still be watched (and in a perfect timeslot for it – go figure).

  5. I really love this show but I’ve already watched it on iTunes because 7 have messed it about so much. I thought it really needed to stay in a 8.30 or 9.30 slot to be successful. I’m surprised it’s being referred to as a family show by some people, if I had children I wouldn’t let them watch it, some of the themes are very dark and I don’t know if kids would understand it.

  6. A perfect demonstration of just how broken Australian FTA television actually is. Is there any wonder that people are abandoning it for greener pastures?

  7. I love this show but it was not getting the viewers because it was on way too late considering its classed as a family show. At least its being played out on 7two.

  8. surely they could have come up with a better timeslot on 7two, on a weeknight at 8:30? or are they trying to copy Ten by doing a Merlin? why not Monday nights or even Thursday nights, instead of movies. 7two need more primetime Dramas at night. I’m surprised its not airing during the day actually. If 10 can manage to find a different slot on 11 in primetime still for Beauty and the Beast, why can’t 7?!

  9. So they get Merlin’s old timeslot. That’s actually quite fitting and way better that stupid o’clock on Thursdays. Just hope it stays away from 8.30 Sundays as that time is allready top heavy with good shows.

  10. So Seven delayed the season, plays it in double eps late night (missing their target audiance) and now one of the best recently released shows is being shafted to their 2nd channel.

    I watched the season 2 final back in May!

    Who has the rights the the spin off ‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’?

  11. your kidding me !!!! this is so stupid of course they were going to have low ratings if they put on between 10pm and midnight but i will stick with it for now

  12. This is just another example of Australian television networks failing to honour their commitment to the American programs they buy! This show has been taken off, given garbage time slots and, essentially, completely abandoned by 7. Why? So they can show their garbage reality tv shows! Of course the ratings suck! Here’s an idea: take House Rules out its current time slot, put it on in a double episode beginning at 9:15pm and then we can see what its rating are like!! Shape up, 7!!!!!

  13. This is a great show, but Seven did it no favours from the very start.
    And just to show how stupid 7 is, their promos for this coming back actually showed the very last scene from the finale lol.

  14. Considering they aired a double episode starting at 10:10pm here in Adelaide this week, no wonder the ratings were so low. It finished after midnight!!

  15. @Jake S

    Once Upon A Times it was not a hit and was never going to be a hit here.

    It’s ratings were dropping 100k/wk and were below 800k when the first series was used successfully as counter-programming during the @l^mp!cs. The second season was shown in summer because it didn’t rate.

    The last block of eps they put on now because Seven are filling slots around the edge of primetime with whatever they don’t need to lift their ratings a fraction in the battle with Nine. That failed dismally so it has moved to a better timeslot on a secondary channel, where it shouldn’t draw too many viewers away from Sunday Night.

  16. I’m not sure why the programmers at Seven thought a family show like OUAT would work in a 9pm time slot. It’d be like Ten putting episodes of Merlin on at 9pm Thursdays.

  17. At least Seven are playing it out, and in a decent timeslot even if on a multichannel … but if they hadn’t have messed around with OUAT during the Olympics and over summer non-ratings this show could still have been a hit for them (in demos at least)

  18. Another programming error. This a great show and is not suitable for a later time slot! I think taking it off air when they did earlier in the year saw viewers obtain it somewhere else or give up. They cannot expect viewers to wait months for their shows to reaper!

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