Returning: Castle

2013-07-08_1622Castle returns this Sunday night on Seven at 9:30pm with a double episode.

The first is a new ep and the second is a repeat.

“Reality Star Struck / Inventing The Girl”
Castle & Beckett get an up-close-and- personal view of a ‘Real Housewives’-esque reality TV series, ‘The Wives of Wall Street,’ when they investigate the murder of the show’s rising young star. Then, Castle’s attempt to give Beckett a Valentine’s Day gift goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett get inside the cutthroat world of the fashion industry when they investigate the brutal murder of a young model.

9:30pm Sunday July 14 on Seven.


  1. Castle episodes are fun but forgettable. They work well as repeats because the plots move quickly but don’t matter much so you don’t remember them.

    Bones was no longer rating well on Sundays but was doing quite well on Thursday. They are probably keeping Bones incase they are needed then.

  2. @A
    Completely agree, be prepared for a late start. A Place to Call Home always around 8.50.

    Me thinks either Mr Selfridge or Bones will take over Sundays once a Place To Call Home ends. Perhaps they have been saving Bones for that slot?

  3. I’m glad. Although would I be considered cynical if I wonder if it’ll start at 9.50pm or thereabouts? I hope I’m wrong. And I wish it was considered normal including on commercial networks for scheduled programming, that doesn’t have sport before it, to start if at 9.30pm to be between 9.30-9.34pm. If later then if 9.35pm then say it’ll be 9.35pm.

    The reason I bring it up isn’t Castle but the new programming. I think in the past two years I haven’t got any new long term commitments with Seven. So in 5-10 years time if that trend continues it will mean I probably won’t be watching them.

    Lastly I do love the double episodes of Castle. Because even if I’ve seen the second episode it reminds me what has happened in the show especially when there is a break. It is the reason I’ve kept watching the show.

  4. Great to see Castle return have been waiting for this, also wish Bones was back too, great duo, 7 also seems to be having a few new shows coming too hope they are as good as Castle and Bones. Keep up the good work 7.

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