Returning: The Killing

2013-07-21_0010The third and final season of Danish drama The Killing begins on SBS this week.

This final series explores the global financial crisis as the ostensibly random murder of a sailor leads Sarah Lund through the financial community.

This premiered in Norway in October.

Sarah Lund returns in the acclaimed Danish crime thriller series. Denmark is the midst of a fiercely contested election race, set against the backdrop of the financial crisis. With ten days to go to the election, Detective Inspector Sarah Lund prepares to celebrate her 25th year in the police force. But her relative peace is shattered when body parts are found at Copenhagen dock only hours before a scheduled visit by the prime minister.

9:30pm Wednesday SBS ONE.


  1. Hi Jake, I have always set the site up to be as user-friendly as possible. If you click on the show’s Tag you will get your answer pretty quickly. It’s better that I explain this rather than just give you the answer.

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