Airdate: Ride Upon the Storm

New SBS drama from the writer of Borgen has only just launched in Denmark.

Danish drama series Ride Upon the Storm begins soon on SBS.

The series, starring Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Borgen) as a priest headed for the top job of Bishop of Copenhagen, but whose favouritism for one son forces another to a desperate choice.

This is a 10 part series which has just launched in Denmark.

From award-winning screenwriter Adam Price (Borgen) and starring Lars Mikkelsen (The Killing, Borgen), Ride Upon the Storm is the new, modern character – led Danish story about faith – both in the traditional, religious sense, and in the wider context of what it is that guides us through existence.

At its centre is priest Johannes (Mikkelsen) and his two sons August and Christian. In many ways, Johannes, as a father, is God to his sons. He’s the father who gives, who takes, who loves and who punishes.

His favouritism for August and his disappointment with Christian forces both in to desperate choices in order to either gain the love of their father or break free from him.

Leading into war and to encounters between different religions, Ride Upon the Storm explores good and evil and the spiritual journey of seeking a greater meaning in life.

Season One, Episode One:
In Denmark, 2017, the Krogh family have been priests for more than 250 years. Johannes, the current head of the family, is headed for the absolute top as the Bishop of Copenhagen.

Thursday, 14 December at 10.30pm on SBS.

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