SBS on Demand: Ride Upon the Storm, I Know Who You Are.

Two Danish dramas will return to SBS on Demand in February.

Two Danish dramas will return to SBS on Demand in February.

I Know Who You Are (Part Two)

Continues Thursday, 7 February 2019 on SBS On Demand
(episodes eleven to sixteen available to stream)

Prestigious lawyer Juan Elias (Francesc Garrido) wakes up after a car crash suffering from amnesia. He soon discovers that he’s the main suspect in the disappearance of his niece, Ana Saura, a twenty-five-year-old girl who was also a student of Elias’ at the university. The case will pit two powerful families against one another, dredging up secrets from the past they thought long forgotten. Elias finds himself up against Eva Duran, the lawyer for the prosecution and Elias’ former student and lover.

Elias must race against time, and the authorities, to find the truth about Ana’s disappearance before it’s too late.

These new thrilling final episodes bring the series to a suspenseful end, where the truth is revealed and Elias’ fate is determined.

In Spanish with English subtitles. I Know Who You Are is an SBS On Demand exclusive. All sixteen episodes of the series are available to stream.

Ride Upon The Storm (Season Two) 11pm Tuesday, 12 February  on SBS

SBS On Demand (all ten episodes available to stream)

BAFTA-winning Adam Price (Borgen) turns his attention to how faith and religion affect our lives in this modern, character-led drama produced by Camilla Hammerich (Borgen) and starring Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards).

Season Two is set 16 months after we leave the family in Season One. Johannes still fights his own dark mind and inner demons, but the fight leads him away from God and towards destructive, desperate actions. Elisabeth can’t get over the tragic events that have befallen her family and as a result, she is increasingly opening up to spiritualism. A need for change is growing within the family, and for some, it is a need to do something else, something deeper and more meaningful.

Ride Upon The Storm explores good and evil and the spiritual journey towards seeking a greater meaning in life – because we all want to believe in something when a storm is approaching.

Episodes will also be airing weekly on SBS on Tuesdays at 11.00pm, beginning from 12
February. Season 1 will also be available on SBS On Demand

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  1. David!! Waited all night last night (slight exaggeration..) to see Season 2 of I Know Who You Are- and – nada
    Can you please let us know the new run date for streaming Series 2? So far SBS On Demand has only Series 1 up.
    Many thanks

  2. There’s a 2nd season of the Danish thing?-I would have thought it had said what there was to say-the 1st season has been repeated at least 5 times now late night and really didn’t warrant it.

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