Bumped: Modern Family, Great Bear Stakeout With Billy Connolly.

2013-09-23_2034Emmy-winning Comedy series Modern Family is getting an upgrade from TEN, sensibly moving from 6:30pm to 7:30pm this Sunday night.

This will include the premiere of Season Five with a double episode premiere.

“Suddenly, Last Summer & First Days”
Phil and Claire are trying to orchestrate a kid-free week by coordinating Luke’s camp with Haley’s beach trip and Alex’s volunteering excursion. Meanwhile, Luke and Manny have their first day at high school.

They will be followed by the return of Elementary.

Meanwhile Great Bear Stakeout With Billy Connolly which was scheduled at 7:30pm will now move to 6:30pm. A week later Polar Bear Family And Me takes its place.


  1. Daniel, bring back the Sunday Project? Are you kidding me! Modern Family is great, even the repeats that Ten puts on are still great and always has a laugh

  2. Ten has been trying some clever things e.g. the premieres of RtR and SH. Presumably they are worried about MF starting in the middle of The X Factor and AGS.

    But not running MF and Elementary together would just crazy. It’s their only proven Sunday line-up. And if the if TXF and AGS smash MF there is nothing they can do about that.

  3. Wow, what a piece of programming genius. How many programming experts did it take to arrive at that piece of obviously-how-it-should-be? Is this consistant with the policy of “program consistency” promulgated by the new/current/(is she still there?) TEN Program Director (or whatever the title is these days)?
    Don’t forget to redo the promos. and tell Southern Cross, but don’t erase the originals – it’s only Tuesday.

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