Returning: Elementary

US mystery Elementary will return to 10 for its 7th & final season.

US mystery Elementary will return to 10 for its 7th and final season in early April.

“The Further Adventures” screened in the US last May.

Holmes and Watson’s new careers as consultants for Scotland Yard in London take them inside the tabloid journalism industry when a model is the victim of an acid attack.

10:30pm Wednesday April 1st on 10.

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  1. Elementary disappeared off my viewing radar after season 3, for me the appeal of Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes began to wane to such a degree that I missed episodes and finally lost touch.
    Elementary is an example of U.S. studio TV production that had a syndication stamp put on it almost from the start.
    Elementary has been a good earner for a pair of good actors but in classic American style the need for longevity dictated the shows story arc and like many other similar long running detective shows will be quickly wrapped up with much criticism about the ending from fans.

  2. New seasons are generally slotted in at 8.30pm and 10.30pm is generally repeat shows or low rated. I am sorry to hear this is their last ever. Love them as a working couple.

    1. It’s been a late night filler show for many years now in Australia-to get to 7 seasons is a good achievement these days-personally I have only watched a few eps in the 1st season-it never grabbed me, and I’m generally a Holmesian (don’t much like the Cumberbatch version either…).

  3. wow thats really fast tracked but then again networks seem to care about mind numbing reality tv married at first farmer cooked a meal and built a house for my kitchen to be a restaurant to be a survivor with my housemates cause people are watching for a tv show

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