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2013-09-21_2306Update: Reaction Comments are now published below following final broadcast!

Tomorrow the television life of Dexter Morgan comes to an end -at least for now.

After 8 seasons, Michael C. Hall hangs up his butcher knives for the last time, having played the character based on Darkly Dreaming Dexter since 2006.

I’ve lost count of the number of kills this anti-hero has staged but for the most part it’s been a thrilling ride (my thoughts in this season are well-documented). Some seasons have involved the most elaborate twist-turning plotting imaginable, and we’ve rooted for him the whole time.

While Showtime is still talking about a spin-off, I’m hoping to see his character expire in a blaze of glory. Give us something to remember!

2013-09-21_2306_001Special mention must go to Jennifer Carpenter for her intense, ball-breaking performance as his sister Deb (save for the bizarre plotting moment where she had a crush on her brother -eww).

John Lithgow takes the cake as the ultimate enemy in season 4, especially after killing off Rita (Julie Benz) in one of the show’s most profound moments.

Supporting players were also rather wonderful, notably C.S. Lee as the always creepy Masuka.




Producers are promising the ending will “polarise” the audience.

Please note TV Tonight will post a story on Tuesday morning in reaction to the final episode, which airs at 4:30 / 9:30pm Monday on Showcase.









  1. Gosh, that was the second worst series for finale for me! (Lost was the worst) As you said David, so many possibilities not realised. As I’ve been watching the entire series my fear was that they would end with Dexter on a beach chair somewhere unknown, having gotten away with everything. This is pretty much the same premise as what happened except he’s in a cabin! And unhappy which sucks. So very disappointed and bummed out, even him really dying on the boat in the storm would have been better. And I hate that Deb died.

  2. it was so disappointing they shouldnt end it so bad the books are much better especially how dexters step kids have a dark passenger like dexter & dexter teaches them the code & that dexter doesnt kill he’s step brother & also debra finds out about dexter in the first book

  3. I think if you a fan (which I am) then the final series still brings it…hope tonight is the blaze of glory you talking about David.

    @ Sifter – I assume you were a Chuck fan then, if not I suggest you watch it. More than enough of “Hannah” in there.

  4. I don’t think the final season(s) have been quite as good…But: a) it’s really easy to criticise as a show gets older and it’s harder to satisfy fans just because they are subconsciously getting more demanding, and B) the good work the show has done in earlier seasons has pulled me through. The characters are so good that even twists I don’t like are breezed over in my mind.

    Also helping…will watch anything with Yvonne Strahovski in it! She has such an awesome smile and I have a massive crush on Hannah as a result – I’m definitely hoping it ends well for Hannah.

  5. i wished they continue on & take more story plots from the books i mean dexter;s foster kids have dark passengers as well & dexter teaches them the code and cody does the killings that would be so awesome to see & even though i havent seen any of the 8th or even the 7th season reading everything about season 8 & i feel like the writers phoned it in, i mean its the last season it should be non stop action maybe it ends with Debra killing dexter for some random reason

  6. Is it possible for you not to give the ending away in your headline, so those like myself who prefer to watch it on DVD (and its coming out in a few weeks)dont know what is happening. I prefer to also watch “Offspring” on DVD yet there was no way i could escape headlines telling me Matty was being killed off.

  7. I gave up on Dexter half way though season 7. I have always said that it should have stopped after season 4. Nothing could or has topped that intensity, drama and shock in the later seasons.

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