Psst, Hughesy… TEN actually wants user-generated content

teneyugDave Hughes might need a quiet word about TEN Eyewitness News new pro-active approach to having members of the public submit video footage.

When Tobias Mason, 20, filmed a taxi driver running over two men in a drunken altercation outside his South Yarra flat early on Sunday morning, it was good enough to make the TEN Eyewitness News bulletin.

But on The Project last night Hughesy tried to turn it into a punchline asking “Who filmed this? Why did they film this? What sort of Good Samaritan are they?”

Mason told Eyewitness News, “I heard a guy pretty much yelling, ‘I am gonna get you, I’m gonna kill you’, so I was like, ‘That’s pretty intense’ and I’m gonna grab my camera and see if I can get something cool for YouTube,” said the quick-thinking Mason.

“Fantastic” said Hughes. “So we’re saying YouTube is the place to solve all crimes from now on?”

But some weeks ago when TEN News relaunched as Eyewitness News it was encouraging members of the public to submit user-generated content.

Might not be such a good idea to discourage them?


  1. I dont see that Dave did anything wrong.

    Im wondering why this guy didnt call the cops straight away.

    Its worrying these day that instead of calling for help people would rather film things because they think it will look cool on you tube.

    Unfortunately this has backfired on the guy because he was on breakfast radio this morning and he said he has been threatened about putting the footage on.

  2. Surely Dave Hughes’ point was that the bloke should have called 000 first, not just film it as “something cool for YouTube”.

    I can’t believe that Hughes is being criticised for doing the “wrong thing”, but not the cameraman who chose not to call the police.
    This sets a worrying precedent, and is like something from Black Mirror, it seems as though the technology-gone-mad dystopia isn’t sci-fi, but may be closer than we thought.

  3. David it’d be interesting to know if Ten paid anything for the footage, or if they take advantage of people not realising the value of what they have. He should have been able to sell Ten exclusive rights to that vision for a decent sum.

  4. How is it any different to the photo on the front of the New York Post of the man about to be run over by a subway train last year? Everyone said that the photographer should have thought to help the individual rather than to photograph the event – the exact opposite of what TEN is endorsing. Sure it is great if they are filming say bush fires or some other natural disaster where they can’t do anything to help, but Hughesy is right in saying that stepping in and potentially helping is better than only filming it hoping for 5 secs of fame (& maybe help the cops case).

  5. Hughesy isn’t the best is he?

    I watch the project almost every night, and i prefer when they have guest comedians on, like Lemo or Tom Ballard.

  6. carolemorrissey

    That story was on Today Tonight as well. Well if I heard yelling out my window, the last thing I would do would be get my camera and film it. I’d be staying well away from my doors and window and keep out of sight. If they see you filming, they may come after you next.

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