Offspring will get you through a blizzard

offs45Respected US news site The Huffington Post has recommended Offspring as ideal binge-viewing to get them through blizzard season.

The US has been hit hard by sub-zero temperatures this winter and Huffington Post recently picked out  8 shows Americans have probably never heard of.

Offspring is available to US viewers via Hulu, and the site described it as:

A national Australian obsession. Think “Grey’s Anatomy” meets “Friends,” but better. It follows Dr. Nina Proudman, a neurotic but lovable blonde OB/GYN on her quest for romance with extremely hot, broody doctors, and showcases her omnipresent, eccentric and lovingly complicated family. The setting, clothing and apartments are so gorgeous you’ll be tempted to move to Melbourne. (Thank you, Sara, for getting me addicted to this).

It also noted Bletchley Circle, The Wrong Mans, Cougar Town, My Boys, Freaks and Geeks, Absolutely Fabulous and yes, Summer Heights High.

It described the latter as:

Another Aussie gem. This hilariously high-octane mocumentary on suburban Sydney “mean girls,” misfits and campy and clueless teachers. It is bitingly funny while subtly pointing out the tragic and outrageous. All lead characters are played by the brilliant comedian Chris Lilley. 


  1. A nice review outlining what Offspring is about. Australia produces some great dramas and it’s about time it got some recognition in the US. Thanks for sharing David.

  2. I hope ch10 replay the final episode because I missed the last 10 minutes because my set top box went off. So im probably one of the few people who missed Nina;s birth.

  3. I’m so glad! I love Offspring!
    I also think to the US audience, it’s a wonderful representation of Modern Australia. No Kangaroos or blunstone boots….. Just normal (all be it odd) aussie families…

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