Gallery: Natarsha, you’re not alone …. who else has worn the ‘penis dress?’



TEN’s Natarsha Belling can take comfort from the fact that the dress she wore which has gone viral has also been worn by other presenters on all three commercial networks.

Astute TV Tonight readers Evan and Ben have noticed the same outfit worn by others including Georgina Lewis and Sharon Ghidella.

Once seen it can never be unseen, except when everybody else has worn it before…






  1. im sorry but didnt natarsha first wear this dress weeks and now suddenly its rearing its head? i think a kerfuffle was made about it on the project or studio ten at the time

  2. Its juvenile, but I can’t help but laugh, its not that funny but yet I laugh, I feel bad but yet I laugh, I don’t mean to laugh but yet I…….

  3. Oh puh-lease. Penises are always in the news…

    Just go to Snopes and search for “phallic” and see what pops up on weather charts 😉

  4. barrington bumbaclaart

    We’ve noticed that Leigh Sales, Juanita Phillips and Emma Alberici all often wear the same penis dress. The ABC wardrobe department seem to have the same dress in a number of colours.

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