Sunrise nabs viral ‘local hero’ in bidding war

15 minutes of fame goes further for Hendra’s underwearing local hero, Daniel O’Connell.

This morning he was in the Martin Place studios after a reported bidding war between Sunrise, Today and The Project.

Fairfax reports he was secured “for the bargain price of just $1000” after learning he was a fan of David Koch.

The laughs continued as O’Connell elaborated on his new-found TV fame and inadvertently revealing another baby is on the way.

Today had quotes from O’Connell’s family basking in the fame of their local hero dad.

Next stop I’m A Bloody Celebrity Mate Get Me The F*** Out of Here?


  1. I was a bit annoyed he appeared on Sunrise since it was the Today show who interviewed him first. Thought it was odd they had his kids on the show while the dad went on Sunrise. Sunrise love to claim ownership of things.

    • Viral? Who cares. Sunrise got the interview and likely the viewers…. good get.
      Don’t reckon anyone from the US will turn into Today viewers.

      • By ‘viral’ I don’t mean overseas viewers; I’m thinking of all my work colleagues who were playing the video over and over in the office yesterday, saying things like ‘look at Karl’s face’, ‘that’s hilarious’. None of them saw the follow up interview on Sunrise, so that’s what I meant by ‘too late’. It was great publicity for Today.

  2. If he is genuinely as nice he appears (and I have no reason to think otherwise) well good on him. It was a fun interview which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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