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The Feed returns to SBS VICELAND on Monday with Marc Fennell and Jan Fran, plus reporters Patrick Abboud and Laura Murphy-Oates and comedians Michael Hing and Mark Humphries.

SBS Head of News and Current Affairs, Jim Carroll, said, “Since 2013, The Feed has made vital contributions to the national current affairs dialogue with their consistently high quality journalism.

“This team know how to expertly harness their infinite curiosity to educate and inform Australians of the most thought-provoking news from every corner of the country, region and the world.

“The locally produced program’s distinctive position within recently launched SBS VICELAND channel gives The Feed an unrivalled capacity to take on stories and angles that other outlets can’t and would otherwise be overlooked.”

Monday 13 February – The True Story Behind “Lion”
Aussie film Lion has broken records by topping the box office for more than three weeks running. Starring Dev Patel and our Nicole (Kidman, that is), it’s the true story of a lost Indian boy who was adopted to Tasmania, only to find his way home using Google Maps. Audiences and critics have loved it, with the film garnishing a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars. Marc Fennell meets Saroo Brierley, the man whose real life story inspired the film, and his Australian mother Sue.

Tuesday 14 February – Can A 70kg White Guy Become A Sumo?
You may not know it, but Australia has a vibrant amateur sumo wrestling scene. So The Feed sent producer Will Reid to compete in the 2016 Oceania competition, to find out what it takes to be a modern amateur sumo. Will Reid is no heavyweight, so he’s going to have to learn to make the most of his 70kg bulk. Along the way, he trains with Australia’s most successful sumo, who is actually Polynesian, and gets insight from a female commentator who calls herself the Richie Benaud of sumo.

Wednesday 15 February – Festivals Of Harrassment
After a spate of sexual assaults at festivals over the summer, the live music industry is cracking down on bad behaviour at gigs. Now some, such as all-female rock band Camp Cope, are calling for all gig-goers to take a stand. The Feed’s Laura Murphy-Oates heads to Laneway Festival to meet punters, organisers, DJs and bands, to find what’s really going on in the moshpit.

Thursday 16 February – The Woman Who Sang Your Childhood
Were you that kid that sang Aladdin’s A Whole New World in front of the mirror? Get ready for a hit of that sweet, sweet nostalgia. There’s an amazing story behind the voice who sang that Disney song. Born in the Philippines, Lea Salonga was whisked onto the stage at the age of seven, headhunted to star on the Westend and Broadway at the age of 17 and was the first Asian woman to win a Tony Award. The pint-sized musical legend sits down with Marc Fennell (and he *just* resists singing to her face).

The Feed is created by Executive Producer Lanneke Hargreaves, Supervising Producer Mike Clay, and a team of amazing producers including Una Butorac, Rani Chaleyer, Corrin Grant, Elise Potaka, and Will Reid.

7.30pm Monday to Thursday on SBS VICELAND.

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