Newman unveils stark raving Sam

The Footy Show‘s court jester Sam Newman was up to his old tricks last night, garnering plenty of attention by unveiling a bald head in the first show for 2017.

Newman’s surprise smooth move was a direct dig at welcoming new co-host Craig Hutchison.

Together with Billy Brownless, Newman decided he would shave his head in solidarity with his co-stars.

Hopefully the lovely Rebecca Maddern declines to follow suit.

Meanwhile media articles today are full of negative social media reactions to Hutchison’s hosting debut, and a complaint that the promised 9NOW live streaming failed to fire.


  1. There are 18 teams in the AFL but you would think there is only 1 the way they still want to go on and on about the Essendon saga. There are many AFL fans out there that want to move on and just enjoy the footy.

    • Given of last nights cast you have Hutchison, Maddern, Dangerfield and Brownless that are Geelong players/fans I find the Essendon bias hilarious.
      Old John has been out of touch for years, the Essendon ASADA stuff merely highlights how out of touch he is!

  2. i tried streaming the show on 9Now and failed too.

    I can’t stay up at 11.30pm (or so) in Sydney to start watching the show. A shame that they can’t air it on Gem at an earlier time, even if it is on a delay (9.30 or 10pm start, which is better than 11.30!)

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