Mon Jan 29

[Nine/7:00pm] Temptation. New Series.

[Nine/7:30pm] Ocean’s Deadliest. Irwin’s final doco.

[Nine/8:30pm] 1 vs 100. Premiere. Are you ready for Eddie? The Age reckons this show is so big it needed to shoot at Seven’s Docklands Studios. Wrong. Central City Studios isn’t owned by Seven. Bit of a blunder there.

[Nine/9:30pm] Justice. Premiere. “Sneak Peek” Pretty horrible and unlikeable bunch of lawyers trying worthy cases, in this new Jerry Bruckheimer drama. The only person I liked was Oz’s Eamonn Walker. Even the dependable Victor Garber was pretty obnoxious here. It’s been axed in America so why the hell is it replacing Nip / Tuck?

[Seven/11:00am] Fashion House. Premiere. Starring BO DEREK

[Seven/7:30pm] The Rich List. Premiere. How many animals beginning with the letter ‘A’ can you list? In the first of its kind, test your skills against the contestants in this addictive list game where limitless amounts of money can be won. Hosted by ANDREW O’KEEFE. First Review here.

[Seven/8:45pm] Desperate Housewives. REMEMBER – PART 2. Missed last year’s finale? Refresh your memory with the 2006 series finale as Bree, Susan, Gaby and Lynette fondly remember the days they moved into Wisteria Lane, and how Mary Alice Young brought them all together. Meanwhile Bree gets some frightening news, Susan moves into a trailer, Lynette discovers Tom’s secret and all is not well in the house of Solis. Guest starring KYLE MACLACHLAN. Also starring TERI HATCHER, FELICITY HUFFMAN, MARCIA CROSS, EVA LONGORIA, NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN, JAMES DENTON, DOUG SAVANT, RICARDO ANTONIO CHAVIRA, MARK MOSES, CODY KASCH and ALFRE WOODARD. Rpt.

[Seven/11:45pm] Starved. SCROTAL ORIGAMI. Dan’ wife throws him out of the house after she learns about his sexual experiment. Billie begins to work out more, but discovers the reason behind a girl’s figure. Sam is in pain after his scissors slip out of his hands during personal self- grooming. So funny a synopsis I just had to list it.

[Seven/1:10am Tue] Straight Plan for the Gay Man. STEVEN.Three gay men will straighten up their lives and put themselves in the traditionally blokey roles and try to pull the wool over the ‘straight’ world’s eyes for a day. Terribly unfunny stand up comedians in a bad concept.

[Ten/9:00am] 9am With David & Kim. New Series.

[E!/10:00am] Live from the Red Carpet: SAG Awards.
[Arena/12:00pm] Screen Actors Guild Awards. Live. Live! Live! Live!

[Ten/9:00am] 9am With David & Kim. New Series.

[Ten/7:30pm] Smallville “Mercy”

[Ten/8:30pm] Supernatural “Bloodlust”

[ABC/8:30pm] The West Wing. Rumours start that Fidel Castro is seriously ill, which creates speculation surrounding the situation between communist Cuba and the democratic United States. Bartlet is propelled into a dilemma – to continue secret talks with Cuba’s ailing dictator and lift an antiquated embargo, or yield to bipartisan political fallout and reaffirm 40-year-old sanctions. Meanwhile, Leo and Kate discover they have more in common than politics. After winning the Republican nomination for presidency, Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda) begins working on his campaign. Political strategist Bruno Gianelli (Ron Silver) gives the Republican candidate advice about choosing a vice president and handling Vinick’s latest controversy – his failure to attend church. The Democratic candidates are stuck in a three-way race tow in the presidential nomination. Russell (Gary Cole) barely leads Santos (Jimmy Smits), and Hoynes (Tim Matheson) is now a very distant third. Bartlet tries to show unity in the party by wrangling Russell and Santos for a photo opp.

[SBS/7:30pm] Top Gear. This seven-part series continues to be a high octane mix of performance cars, adrenalin, comedy and celebrities. The series continues to test drive and brutally appraises the world’s most popular cars with startling honesty. Outrageous stunts, news and reviews and special features, such as ‘Celebrity Laps’ in which well-known personalities try to outdo each other on the race track, make this a car show with a difference. With Jeremy, James and Richard being egged on by a studio audience, the seventh series features even more wild and wacky motoring feats for which the boys have become famous. In tonight’s episode, the team are off on a continental road trip in their favourite super cars – a Pagani Zonda, a Ferrari F430 and a Ford GT. The team also reviews the Focus ST. (From the UK, in English) (Series) (Part 3) G CC WS

[SBS/9:00pm] Drawn Together “Little Orphan Hero.” In tonight’s episode, Captain Hero goes into therapy as he deals with depression stemming from the death of his parents. The rest of the cast start a suicide hotline business and learns about responsibility and working together. (From the US, in English) (Animated Comedy Series) MA (A,S) CC WS

[SBS/10:00pm] Shameless. On the day that Kev should be happily celebrating his 32nd birthday, his mother throws herself off her balcony. He is stricken with shock and grief, and to add to his woes, the last person he expects to see again at her funeral is Roxy, his ex-wife, who is just out of prison. Carol, meanwhile, has found herself a new gentleman-friend, Norman. He seems to be a perfect gent and exactly what she has been searching for until he joins the family for breakfast, in the nude. Stars David Threlfall, Maggie O’Neill, Gerard Kearns and Johnny Bennett. (From the UK, in English) (Drama Series) (Part 5) MA (S,V,A) CC WS

[SBS/12:40am Mon] Queer As Folk. Rpt.

[Ovation/7:30pm] Ballroom Bootcamp.

[Biography/7:30pm] Maggie.. At Home With: Paul Bangay, John Frost.

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